Priscilla Vaudelle / Frascati Producties / Suburbia
Tue 28 Nov ’23 - Thu 7 Dec ’23
How do you live your life as a family after you’ve split as a couple? With music from singer-songwriter Zoë Livay and musical coaching from Glen Faria.
Tue 28 Nov ’23
Thu 7 Dec ’23

Maggie and Steven split up a year ago. They have two children: Stef (18) and Michael (16). Together, they are trying to find a new form for family life. But how do you live your life as a family after you’ve split as a couple? With music from singer-songwriter Zoë Livay and musical coaching from Glen Faria.

Son Michael (Erwin Kiene) has locked himself away in his room. On the very day his sister Stef (Zoë Livay) has her first solo performance. No one knows why he won’t open the door, and in a panic Maggie (Samantha Cherish Wielkens) asks Steven (Ayrton Kirchner) to come by. The previous evening, she’d told him she’s taken on a big job abroad, meaning that the children will have to stay with him for a while. She’s renting out her house, and the prospective tenants are coming round the next morning. All of which means Michael really needs to come out of his room. 

The underlying mechanisms behind the family are exposed through sharp dialogue, delicate songs and fiery movement. A poignant, funny, hard-hitting family portrait that focusses not on a solution, but rather on the attempts to find one.  

Priscilla Vaudelle and Tim van den Heuvel have joined forces for OSSO. Tim and Priscilla come up with the ideas together, then Tim writes and Priscilla directs. What makes this cooperation special is that – just like the parents in OSSO – they too are co-parents of a son (2018). 

  • Première thr 30 nov 2023
  • Tour from autumn 2024
  • On 2 dec. part of the We Are Public program

About Priscilla Vaudelle

Amsterdam-based theatre-maker Priscilla Vaudelle (1982) graduated in 2013 from the Theatre Directing course at Amsterdam University of the Arts’ Academy of Theatre and Dance. During her studies she set up the LostProject foundation. In her work, Vaudelle gives exposure to people and stories that don’t generally get a platform. With quick montage, music, spoken word, rap and dance she sets the tone for stories straight from the heart of the city: powerful, universal productions on current themes such as identity, sexuality, social pressure and upbringing, which find great resonance with highly diverse audiences. 

Priscilla has been a maker with Frascati Producties for three years now. Here, she recently created the musical production BIMS (2021/2022). In BIMS, we follow the story of a group of young residents of Amsterdam’s Bijlmer neighbourhood as they fight against gentrification and racism. Also under the Frascati Producties umbrella she made Klas 5 (2019), The World Is Yours #TWIY (2019), Lostwords: End of the Road (2020) and SIXTH (2022).  

About Tim van den Heuvel 

Tim van den Heuvel (1988) set up the LostProject foundation with Priscilla after they both studied at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam (2013). LostProject was under their combined artistic leadership until 2020. Tim then became an independent writer and actor, while Priscilla continued to direct and act as artistic director of LostProject. 

concept and direction Priscilla Vaudelle text Priscilla Vaudelle and Tim van den Heuvel performance Samantha Cherish Wielkens, Ayrton Kirchner, Erwin Kiene, Zoë Livay scenery and costume design Laura de Jong dramaturgy Madelon Kooijman songwriter Zoë Livay musical coach Glen Faria