Priscilla Vaudelle (LostProject) in coproductie met Frascati Producties
Wed 14 Sep ’22 - Thu 24 Nov ’22
A musical indictment of the modern idea of beauty.
Wed 14 Sep ’22
Thu 24 Nov ’22

Sixth has disappeared. The last thing anyone saw of her was a doom-laden post on one of her socials.

In SIXTH, four colleagues – Sam, Rox, Lav and Angie – host a new live show called No Filter Here. The show encourages the audience to vent their outspoken opinions on the latest news going viral on social media. From juicy celebrity gossip to relationship problems, the four hosts speak their mind and no subject is taboo.

The musical theatre show SIXTH is about a well-known influencer called Sixth. When Sixth places a vulnerable, no-filter full-body photo of herself on her Instagram account, she promptly becomes the subject of an episode of No Filter Here. The comments after the live show are merciless and drive Sixth to an irrevocable decision. Sixth’s mother announces on her daughter’s Instagram account that Sixth is missing.

SIXTH shows the dark side of social media, holding a mirror up to the audience reflecting on the online behaviour of young people, as the dividing line between online and offline life becomes ever thinner.

  • Duur: 90 min
  • Aansluitend een nagesprek van 30 minuten, met uitzondering van vr 16 en za 24 sep
  • Première 16 september 2022, 21:30. 
  • Di 20 sep opgenomen in het programma van We Are Public
  • Wo 21 sep zijn er camera's aanwezig voor een registratie. Het publiek zal niet worden gefilmd.

The press on BIMS

“A convincing ode to the Bijlmer neighbourhood.” Theaterkrant

“Theatre-maker Priscilla Vaudelle dreamt during the coronavirus pandemic of a musical on a grand scale about growing up in the Bijlmer neighbourhood. The result, Bims, is an ode to a long reviled part of Amsterdam.” Interview with Priscilla Vaudelle in Het Parool

About Priscilla Vaudelle

Amsterdam-based theatre-maker Priscilla Vaudelle (1982) graduated from the ATD in 2013. During her studies she formed the LostProject collective. In her work, Priscilla presents people and stories that generally don’t find a podium. Using rapid montages, music, spoken word, rap and dance, she sets the tone for stories straight from the heart of the city: powerful, universal productions on topical themes such as identity, sensuality, social pressure and upbringing – themes that resonate with diverse audiences. Vaudelle’s previous productions include Man Down (2018), featuring a highly convincing young cast, and The World Is Yours (2019).

Vaudelle has been affiliated to Frascati Producties since 2019, creating End of the Road – a study for a production about into growing up with Surinamese-Dutch heritage, and Klas 5, in which young men enter into a confrontation with being a man and the world through rap, spoken word, film and theatre. In her last Frascati co-production, the musical show BIMS, we follow the story of a group of young residents of the Bijlmer neighbourhood as they struggle against gentrification and racism. BIMS was the first step in a series of musical productions in which, together with composers and songwriters, Vaudelle investigates the power of songs within a socially urgent story, in search of a new musical language. She will continue this research in the years ahead within the framework of Frascati Producties.

concept and direction Priscilla Vaudelle co-creators/performance Lavinia Aronson, Roxy Verwey, Samantha Cherish Wielkens, Marrassa Naingie composition and music Alvin Lewis and Patrick Mijnals songwriter Nino Pattiasina dramaturgy Stephen Liebman lighting design Varja Klosse lighting and sound Martin Kaffarnik and Wouter Versteege assistant director Erwin Kiene marketing Gigiano Hertog and Vurgil Bruyning campaign Richard Terborg make-up Merrelin Janssen MMKP styling Odair Pereira production Channa Begbie commercial production Pearl Boamah co-production and support Frascati Producties special thanks to Brian Kemble, Yahmani Blackman & HAYP