Frascati focuses on art and the artist, with a central role for urban dynamics within our activities. Both within the production house and in presentations and context programming, we explicitly look for themes of social relevance and make connections between theatre and the world. The four urban pillars of this are: the city as a stage (theatre on location); the city as a co-creator (a round-table of social partners); urban diversity (with four Amsterdam-based partners) and the international city (including through performative dance). 

The two core pillars of our artistic mission are: 

Frascati as an urban production house 
We continue to build towards a pluriform, Dutch and international production house that is firmly rooted in and has a responsibility towards the urban environment. We stand for the artists of tomorrow: multidisciplinary, free in form, headstrong and opinion-shaping. The four urban pillars of social and artistic partners play a pivotal role within the production house. 

Frascati as a public venue for the city’s art  
Frascati shows the most trendsetting, contemporary (international) work to wide audiences. We seek out confrontation with the city as a barometer of society.