Information for makers

Generally speaking, Frascati Producties makers have completed some form of professional training in the arts. But we are also open to talent that is developing in other ways. Ultimately, artistic potential and ambition are the crucial factors in our selection process. The ultimate aim of our cooperation with a maker is always for them to go on to work in the professional arena, even if this does not always prove to be the right path for everyone.

Development process

Together with our makers, we create a tailor-made process that can encompass all aspects of our production house. Our development role caters for multiple makers and centres around the artist’s process of learning and gaining experience. The best talent learns through doing. While recognising the importance of research and theoretical background, the emphasis in our practice is firmly on creating productions. During the first phase, makers work in the (relatively) safe haven of the Frascati 4 location at Nes 71.

Makers are given the time and space to develop their own distinctive artistic signature, as well as a professional practice. We then take on the task of introducing them to audiences so they can autonomously position themselves within the theatrical landscape in the Netherlands and beyond. The next phase then focusses on a successful introduction to the audience and positioning as an independent entity within the Dutch and international theatrical landscapes. The productions are presented in Frascati on the Nes. In our production role, we work with advanced theatre-makers drawn both from within our own house and other places, inside and outside of the Netherlands.


The support we provide covers the entire production process: concept development, production, technical aspects, finance, marketing & communication. Alongside continuous coaching from the artistic director and dramaturge, tailor-made support is provided for each project, making intensive use of the reservoir of knowledge and experience present among the (Dutch and international) performers at our house.

The organisational connection between Frascati Producties and the Frascati venues (attracting 45,000 visitors annually) enables us to think actively with artists about the role of theatre within the public domain; the relationship between art and reality, the work and audiences. And although the results of research projects do not necessarily have to lead to productions, an appropriate level of public exposure is always sought to allow the work to make a concrete contribution to the professional debate.


All proposals are taken seriously and discussed by Frascati’s artistic team. If you believe your production proposal is a good fit for Frascati Producties, send the project proposal with a cv and if possible video examples of previous work to the address below:

Digital submissions to: 
Attn Mark Timmer

Or hard copy to:
Frascati Producties
Attn Mark Timmer
Nes 63
1012 KD Amsterdam
For questions: +31 (0)20 751 64 00