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Registratie viewing Thinking, Giving, Birthing, Stealing

Chloe Harris / Mikki De Gier / ATD Amsterdam
za 24 jun ’23 18:00
Thinking, giving, birthing and stealing is a theatrical performance that asks the question, what would it look like if the British artist Tracey Emin were to meet her favourite artist, Edvard Munch?
za 24 jun ’23
  • za 24 jun ’23
    Frascati 4 - VOF

We meet two new characters: T, a character inspired by Tracey Emin who is at the beginning of her career at a crossroad on her path towards figuring out who she is as an artist.

With the fears, insecurities and pressures that come with being in the early stages of  her career she decides to go to her role model E, a character inspired by Edvard Munch to seek help. To become unstuck, T breaks into E’s studio.  Every artist has their personal heroes, and although these are just inspirations, an artistic genealogical web is formed. Occupying a metaphorical plane, TGBS reflects on the extent that artists inspire one another across generations, and imagines a cycle of artists influencing the next generation of artists.

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Artistic team
Director Chloé Harris * Scenography Mikki de Gier * Dramaturg Jordan Hardesty Assistant director Kaya Korabiowska-Dean Composer Delaware Musical supervisor Jasmine Karimova Lighting designer Martijn Smolders Sound Operator Geert Oddens Production leader Gemma Hauptmeijer Technical Producer Bas de Bruijn

Simone Peters and Derron Lurvink

* - graduating students

With thanks to Juliette van Leeuwen, Berthe Spoelstra, Steven Van Watermeulen, Bart Visser, Carly Everaert, Judith van de Pas, Daan Westendorp, Ellen Bouwmeester, Nancy Hulst, Jille van de Pas, Annebeth Vliestra and Gemma van Kruijsbergen