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Queertopia Training Programme

Workshops to help you rediscover yourself

Werkplaats van de Woestijne and Luit Bakker present the Queertopia Training Programme from January 27 to February 3. In addition to Queertopia from Thu 25 January to Sat 3 February, the program offers various activities in Het Verbond, including a Queer Bodywork training by Queer Gym and workshops from Fite Qlub.


The Queertopia Training Programme was created to embrace freedom in who you are and who you love. We believe everybody can experience queerness, by allowing yourself to be curious towards the unfamiliar and by allowing yourself to be different. It's at the core of personal growth. Exploring uncharted territories can be thrilling, that’s why we're here to support you.

Queer Bodywork
By Queer Gym 

Sat 27  & Wed 31 January 19:00

Explore your strength and embrace your soft side with Queer Bodywork. Through physical exercises and boxing, we create a space for you to discover your strength. Our experienced coach from Queer Gym will guide you through this journey, focusing on empowerment, self-love, and acceptance. Whether you're new to sports or an experienced athlete, discover the power of your own story.

Shibari Workshop
By Fite Qlub

Tue 30 January 18.30 -20.00

People often find ropes a little scary because they associate them with losing control. In our Shibari/Bondage workshop, we encourage individuals to discover how relinquishing or exerting control can actually feel liberating. The workshop is led by professionals in a safe environment, with the facilitator and participants working together to ensure everyone feels secure to playfully explore the sensation of not knowing.

Sensual Writing Workshop
By Fite Qlub

Do 1 februari 18.30 - 19.30 uur

Sensual writing is about exploring your desires and sexuality through words. We all have wild fantasies and desires, but we don’t dare to share them with others. There is often a lot of shame around our desires and fantasies. Acknowledging this gives us the power and ability to throw off those layers of shame and to get to our heart and desires.  With this workshop we encourage participants to explore their desires and in the process (re)write your story.

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