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Queertopia Training Programme: Sensual Writing workshop

Fite Qlub
Thu 1 Feb ’24 18:30
Workshop in het kader van Queertopia van Luit Bakker en Werkplaats van de Woestijne.
Thu 1 Feb ’24

Sensual writing is about exploring your desires and sexuality through words. We all have wild fantasies and desires, but we don’t dare to share them with others.

There is often a lot of shame around our desires and fantasies. Acknowledging this gives us the power and ability to throw off those layers of shame and to get to our heart and desires.  With this workshop we encourage participants to explore their desires and in the process (re)write your story.

About Fite Qlub

Fite Qlub is a multidisciplinary platform operating from a queer, intersectional and decolonial perspective. The foundation is catered to BIPOC LGBTQIA+ communities and aims to generate spaces where members get to connect, heal, educate and exchange within a wide range of different formats: from panel talks to play parties. Fite Qlub maintains an emphasis on approaching bodies, sexuality and their expression from an intersectional perspective: aiming to unveil how deeply embedded hegemonic conditions are in our intimate lives and our relationship to our bodies, and how to shift this narrative into safer, more flourishing cultures of sexual, physical and relational expression.


This workshop is free for ticketholders of Queertopia. Participants without a ticket can make a voluntary contribution. Limited spots, register via the ticketbutton. 

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