Body Drift

Mami Kang / GREENHOUSE / Veem House for Performance in coproductie met ICK
Fri 24 Feb ’23 and Sat 25 Feb ’23
An assembled figure encompasses a multilayered spiritual microcosm.
Fri 24 Feb ’23
Sat 25 Feb ’23

With the performance Body Drift, choreographer Mami Kang intends to create a state of constant morphing. With dream-like fragments, voice, sound and movement, the work imagines dance as something that transcends human exceptionalism and brings an altered vibrancy.

An assembled figure encompasses a multilayered spiritual microcosm. It resists the economy that tries to reify the world and reduce the individual to a single and solid representation. Here, spatiotemporal reconfiguration does not seek linear progressions but rather attune to the emergence of forgotten, decaying and unknown corporeal sites.

By exploring subconscious desire, Body Drift invites the audience to participate in a cryptic, elusive, thus charged space where fiction and reality, imagination and materiality intersect.

About Mami Kang 

Mami Kang is a Korean Japanese choreographer and performer based in Amsterdam. In her choreographic works, she addresses the experimentation of dance concerning its materiality, sensorial technology, 
and affect through poetic sensitivity. She often employs quasi-fictional figures to evoke both destabilizing and transformative bodily experiences. Her works explore the notions of mythopoesis, otherness, and contradiction.

Kang graduated from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in 2019. Her works have been presented recently in Amsterdam, Berlin, Den Haag, Ljubljana, and Osaka. Further, she regularly engages in collaborative projects in both theaters and exhibition spaces. She is the recipient of the 3Package Deal for International Talents by AFK, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst for 2020-2021.

concept and performance Mami Kang sound mix and composition Anni Nöps scenography Antonin Giroud-Delorme light design Vinny Jones costume Joëlle Laederach artistic advice Bruno Listopad, Katerina Bakatsaki voice coach Angelo Custódio sound engineer & technical support Karl Choueiri pr-image Vincent van Woerkom

Body Drift is a GREENHOUSE project, produced by Veem House for Performance in co-production with ICK Dans Amsterdam.

*Tracks from the piece Celyn June – sg601_003, Bénédicte – Lash, Keru Not Ever – Blue Strobe Pastiche, Ryo Murakami – B2, Noumeno – Sensorial Surrogate (Shapednoise remix), Anni Nöps – Inhibit, Gonçalo Penas – ž e n y