Sheath and Knife (Schede en Mes)

LENZ / Frascati Producties
Thu 16 Feb ’23 - Sat 18 Feb ’23
A worker’s fable about intergenerational trauma, class and self-determination, inspired by Scots murder ballads.
Thu 16 Feb ’23
Sat 18 Feb ’23

After the success of Schede en Mes (as part of Beginnings 2021, Erasmus Mackenna / Frascati Producties), this performance will return to Frascati, created and performed by theater cooperation LENZ, formed by Erasmus Mackenna, Marit Hooijschuur and Roel Pronk.

The young lovers Ciara and Henry Dochtery dream of a life in the city, far away from the claustrophobia and violence of the rural Scottish community they grew up in. In silence, they prepare their escape, but when Ciara becomes pregnant, she starts to ask herself whether her idea of freedom matches that of her lover. Eventually, after unexpected oppression and multiple attempts to find a way out, an ultimatum emerges: love, or
emancipation? Both is impossible.

Inspired by Scots-Irish murder ballads and folk, drone and doom bands such as Lankum and SunnO))), Sheath and Knife is a portrait of the triangle of victim, perpetrator and observer, and how those roles constantly overlap and switch. In short encounters, memories, visions and life Scots-Irish drone-folk music, the dark depths of of a life scarred by endless misery and woe unfold, gasping for freedom, prepared to go as far as is necessary.

  • Spoken language: Dutch
  • On 16 February with English and Dutch surtitles
  • Run time: 60 min
  • On Sat 18 Feb, a video registration will be made. The audience will not be filmed.

About LENZ

The members of LENZ met at the Academy of Theatre and Dance, where they collaborated on the graduation productions Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland (2021) and JUNK (2021). In 2021, Erasmus created the production Schede en Mes with Frascati Producties as part of Beginnings, followed by LENZ (2022), both in close cooperation with Marit and Roel. 

Convinced that the human race in its current state will become extinct in the near future, LENZ tells small-scale human stories that exposes the nihilistic hopelessness of this realisation and, through radical empathy and catharsis, investigates alternative futures. Steeped in idealistic hope and dedicated to the underground and the stories of outsiders in society, LENZ’s work takes place at the intersection of theatre, live music and performance.

LENZ is strongly influenced by musical genres such as folk, heavy metal, noise and drone, as well as experimental music collectives such as LANKUM, SunnO))), clipping. & BIG|BRAVE. Recurring themes include class, mental illness, gender, non-binary identities, loneliness and trauma. On the basis of these disciplines and topics, LENZ exposes socio-political systems and opens these up to discussion through its stories and characters. LENZ creates a solidary, tender, intersectional, contemporary repertoire on humanity in decline, wrestling with others and the world around them, seeking salvation. 

Following the success of Schede en Mes, this production will be revived at Frascati early in 2023 under the title Sheath and Knife. In addition, LENZ is currently working with Frascati Producties on Katie Cruel, the second part of their murder-ballads trilogy, following on from Sheath and Knife. 

conceived by LENZ performance & live music Teun Donders and Marit Hooijschuur direction, text, scenography, lighting design & live music Erasmus Mackenna dramaturgy Roel Pronk composition & musical direction Simme Wouters production management Emma van Zandvoort (creation) and Tosca Schutte (revival) technical production & operation Attila Nemeth coaching Joeri Vos with thanks to Maatschappij Discordia and Julia Diepstraten