Maxime Dijks

Residentie: [uncomfortable silence] (werktitel)

Sinem Kavus / Frascati Producties
Thu 25 Apr ’24 and Fri 26 Apr ’24
How does the first encounter with death change you as a human being?
Thu 25 Apr ’24
Fri 26 Apr ’24

During her residency, Sinem Kavus will lay the groundwork for her performance about mourning: [uncomfortable silence] (working title). 

For the past three years, Sinem has worked extensively in and with film. With this residency, she wants to revisit her makerhood within theater and challenge herself in a new way as a performer and producer. She will write a text and search for her own physical, musical and visual language.

Sinem works from questions such as: How does the first encounter with death change you as a human being? How do you relate to yourself and the world when your reality is distorted by the loss of a loved one? How can grief and existential crisis be embodied theatrically? 

To conclude the residency, Sinem will open her research to the public during work-in-progress presentations on Thursday, April 25 and Friday, April 26

  • Duration 45 min.
  • Use of stroboscopic lighting effects

About Sinem Kavus

Sinem Kavus is an actress and creator. In 2017, she graduated from the acting program at the Academy for Theater & Dance in Amsterdam. In the same year, she made her first solo performance I Used To Be Snowhite But I Drifted at Frascati Productions as part of Fraslab. In recent years, Sinem has developed as a producer and actor in both theater and film. As a producer, she creates performances that deal with her experiences in the world as a woman and the search for how to be human.

script and performance Sinem Kavus