The End - Part 2

Arno Schuitemaker
Tue 16 Apr ’24 - Thu 18 Apr ’24
Multidisciplinary dance performance with a future-oriented vision.
Tue 16 Apr ’24
Thu 18 Apr ’24

Breaking down the boundaries between dance, performance, visual art, and club culture, Arno Schuitemaker creates performances that are immersive and hyperphysical. 

With The End - part 2, Arno Schuitemaker creates an equally impressive and intimate look on our ability to see ourselves in others, and others in ourselves. By mixing movement, music, light, and voice with recorded and live video, the performance plays with past and present, and blurs differences between performer and spectator, seeing and being seen. 

Arno Schuitemaker: “I think much of what we are dealing with at the moment comes down to rebalancing our relationships. If our ability to see ourselves in others can create intimacy, can that then become a catalyst for change? Even if that means first freeing ourselves from ghosts that haunt us and distort the present, and then letting a new part begin.”

Performanes by Arno Schuitemaker are praised for the inventive forms he creates for themes that lie at the intersection where the intimate and the universal meet. Last year, 30 appearances out of darkness was ranked in the top 5 best performances of the season by newspaper de Volkskrant. Scènes magazine called it the “must-see of the year”.


Aftertalk with Isabel Sheridan on the 17th of April

After the performance on April 17th, SHARP/Arno Schuitemaker will host an after-talk. Following the performance, you are warmly invited to join us in the theater to share your thoughts and engage in a lively exchange about the questions raised by the performance. This dialogue, called “Blikverruimer,” provides the audience with the opportunity to delve into the performance while simultaneously getting to know each other's perspectives. The discussion will be led in English by Isabel Sheridan, an experienced program maker and moderator who approaches social issues from an interdisciplinary perspective with an open and critical mindset.

  • Duration: 60 min
  • This performance uses flashes of light.

In de pers

"Dansers bewegen zich, net als in Schuitemakers vorige voorstelling, krachtig en geconcentreerd als water door de ruimte." ★★★ de Volkskrant

"Dans wordt meer dan woorden, meer dan beweging zelfs. Dans wordt: zijn." Theaterkrant

Over Arno Schuitemaker

Arno Schuitemaker is een van de intrigerende podiumkunstenaars van het moment. Noem het dans, performance of een totaalervaring, het is van wereldklasse: zijn bijzondere werk is te zien geweest op toonaangevende podia en festivals in meer dan 25 landen. Zijn vorige voorstelling 30 appearances out of darkness belandde in de top 5 van beste dansvoorstellingen van het seizoen in de Volkskrant en de voorstelling werd in het blad Scenes bestempeld tot “Mustsee van het jaar”. Voor The Way You Sound Tonight ontving hij de Zwaan, de belangrijkste dansprijs van Nederland, voor meest indrukwekkende dansproductie.

concept and creation Arno Schuitemaker performance Mark Christoph Klee, Ivan Ugrin and Angelo Petracca lighting design Jean Kalman Music Aart Strootman video Gilbert Nouno costumes Victor Klijsen set Jean Kalman and Arno Schuitemaker technical producer Maarten van Burken video technique Daan Hazendonk technique Sander Schaart and Ruben Lijbers outside eye Miguel A. Melgares publicity image Lonneke van de Palen.
The performance was created in collaboration with the performers.