The Last Chapters

Tue 26 Mar ’24 - Thu 28 Mar ’24
A personal odyssey along the edges of the imagination and the Self.
Tue 26 Mar ’24
Thu 28 Mar ’24

In his eternal quest for finding the Story of all Stories, master storyteller Thomas Dudkiewicz storms the stage with his never ending story. His new solo performance The Last Chapters: An existential, immersive experience in which a storyteller dives into the mind of the comatose actor ‘Thomas’ in a desperate final attempt to bring him back to consciousness. 

The storyteller drags Thomas into a personal odyssey along the edges of the imagination and the Self. The subconscious is defined by chaos, the narrative by order. But the subconscious fights back. A cosmic battle of life and death.

Just like in Bedtime Stories the soundscape plays a vital role in the immersive power of this performance. This time Tomas' uses a binaural audio systeem. A medium with which he explores and conjures infinite worlds to bring the ultimate story to life.

  • Let op: voorstelling bevat lichte stroboscopische effecten. 


URLAND is a performance collective. URLAND works autonomously. URLAND wants Gesamtkunst. URLAND has got no method. URLAND practices the non-I. URLAND appropriates, quotes and samples. URLAND strives for the Universal. URLAND believes in live art in postdigital times. For our graphic design, we happily outsource this to Ruben Verkuylen. Since 2018, he is responsible for our corporate identity and is co-creator of our book; De Internet Trilogie. URLAND has partnered with Theater Rotterdam for a multi-annual collaboration. URLAND is made possible by Gemeente Rotterdam and Fonds Podiumkunsten.

concept, text and acting Thomas Dudkiewicz director and dramaturgical advice Thibaud Delpeut sound design Tomas Loos scenography and light-design Hendrik Walther technical team Sander van der Werff, Marcel Janssen, Ruud Lamers publicity/marketing Esra J. Merkel & Pien Visser business management Martha van Meega business assittent Mara Liza de Bakker production URLAND coproduction Theater Rotterdam special thanks to URLAND presents: The Last Chapters The research for this performance was done at the Innovation:Lab of Theater Utrecht (Samiha Awad, Abdelhadi Baaddi, Myrthe Ligtenberg, Sebastiaan Kox)