The Artists Are Present - Dag 2 route A

ICK Dans Amsterdam / Artist Space
Thu 14 Dec ’23 20:00
Andreas Hannes & Ainhoa Hernández Escudero + pop-up surprise performances.
Thu 14 Dec ’23
  • Thu 14 Dec ’23
    Frascati 2 TAAP

Day 2 route A

The Artists Are Present works with two different routes per evening. This way, you can visit two shows per evening and enjoy the pop-up performances in between. Via route 2A you'll first see Sway and afterwards visit (Don't) look me in the eyes. The evening is hosted by Robin Nimanong. In between performances you can enjoy Robin's ballroom pop-up, scenes from FUNK by Christan Gueramatchi and Roshanak Morrowatian's solo Gheresh Midam.

Sway - Andreas Hannes

Sway is inspired by the movement of swaying – the energy and motion of tipping in and out of balance. In this rhythmical and adventurous solo, Andreas Hannes swerves through landscapes, Greek mythology, musical timelines and invented histories. The protagonist is propelled through these environments by a constant and sensual re-configuration of his body and the space. As he sways, forms and references melt and transform as soon as they start taking shape. 

​ Andreas Hannes proposes an alternative to rigid notions of progress, linearity and destination, and prioritizes curiosity, play in the midst of struggle and finding movement when there is no solid ground.  

About Andreas Hannes

Andreas Hannes sees dance as a form of relating and a practice in which he can propose hope, and thus a new future. In his work, he experiments with tensions between bodies, movement practices and viewing modes. Influenced by his background in percussion and film, Andreas creates rhythmic and dynamic work.

In 2023, Andreas creates the performance Sway, an adventurous solo that moves through landscapes and energetic fields inspired by a movement that everyone knows: swinging and swaying, whirling and rocking. Andreas sways internally and externally while the piece sways our understanding of progress. 

  • Duration Sway: 45 min
  • Duration (Don't) Look Me in the Eyes: 40 min


(Don't) look me in the eyes
concept and choreography Ainhoa Hernandez Escudero sound Fernanda Libman performers Neda Ruzheva, Antonina Pushkareva, Ainhoa Hernandez Escudero movement research with ICK-Next dancers Ummi Renteria Wouters, Fleur De Schepper dramaturgy Carolina Bianchi advisor Marta Keil supported by ICK Artist Space, YAA prijs voor jonge makers, Erik Impuls, 3Package Deal Talent Prize, Spring Festival.

concept, choreography en performance Andreas Hannes  music composition and mix Gary Shepherd (Streamer Nymphonisch Orkest) costumes Philipp Schüller light design en scenography Paulina Prokop technical construction Wojciech Jackowski artistic advise Renée Copraij, Fernando Belfiore, Antonia Steffens production Michael Scerbo produced and supported by Julidans Amsterdam, ICK Dans Amsterdam, Theater Rotterdam, DansBrabant, Korzo Den Haag

(Don't) look me in the eyes - Ainhoa Hernández Escudero

(Don't) look me in the eyes is a dance performance inspired by the story of the Greek myth of Medusa and the Gorgon sisters.

It is a piece for three human performers and two robots that tackles the relationships between bodies and technology and the concept of the monstrous feminine, aiming to reflect on the representations of women identified and queer characters in the foundational narratives of Western culture.

It attempts to displace the issues that the myth triggers into a sci-fi dystopian future, tracing a line that connects past and future to confront some of the problems we are facing in the present we inhabit. 

This performance is currently still a work in progress and will premiere May of 2024.

About Ainhoa Hernández Escudero

Ainhoa Hernández Escudero makes physical and visual work at the intersection of pop, post-internet aesthetics, technology and mainstream culture. She is developing her trilogy Blooming The Saga, in which she brings forward themes of science fiction, dreams, magic and queerness and explores their potential to produce and manifest alternative realities.

In 2023, Ainhoa is working within a New Adventures residency on (don't) look me in the eyes, inspired by the story of Medusa and the Gorgon sisters. Ainhoa thereby questions the representations of women and queer characters in the foundational narratives of Western culture.