Do you know this song?

Mallika Taneja (IN) in coproductie met Frascati Producties
Tue 17 Oct ’23 and Wed 18 Oct ’23
Do you Know This Song?, is a search for voice, song, space and beauty.
Tue 17 Oct ’23
Wed 18 Oct ’23

With dolls and a harmonium, Mallika digs through her past and finds back her voice.

Do you Know This Song? (coproductie Frascati Producties) is the second part of a trilogy about grief and mourning. Mallika Taneja dives deep into the past, searching for a voice that was lost many years ago. In the process, they also find their own voice, and learning to sing, paint a portrait of gender relations in India.

With puppets, a harmonium and a microphone, Do You Know This Song? re-members a past that keeps trying to speak to a present. The piece explores the potential of song to retrieve, hold and transform memories and loss into a larger shared space. The artist sings and invites people to join her.

  • 60 min.
  • in Hindi and English with surtitles in English
  • Workshop To walk into the song of grief oct 27, 2023

Workshop Mallika Taneja x Frascati x Laguna Collective - Mallika Taneja 

Following Mallika Taneja’s performance, Do you know this Song?, Frascati invites Taneja and Laguna Collective to host a workshop centering themes of grief, mourning, silence and song. Combining Taneja’s artistic practice and Laguna Collective’s psychosocial background, we welcome you to a theoretical, artistic and physical dialogue.

This evening is a part of Frascati's program line De (on)vertelde stad in which we seek collaboration with institutions outside of the theatre, to delve deeper into (un)told stories of the city. 

Tickets cost 0 EUROS, but must be ordered in advance from the site. Click here to reserve your seat.

About Mallika Taneja

Mallika Taneja lives and works out of New Delhi, India. Through performances, installations and curatorial work, she explores questions of gender, solidarity, pleasure, rest and remembering. She is particularly interested in exploring political possibilities of  performative ensembles and the role songs have to play in leaving and gathering traces of people, places and things. Some of her works and collaborative spaces include Be Careful, Allegedly, Rest of the Struggle, Zanana ka Zamana and Women Walk at Midnight and Sex Chat Room. She won the ZKB Acknowledgment Prize for Be Careful in 2015 and the ZKB Patronage Prize for Allegedly in 2021. Currently, she is touring her new solo production Do You Know this Song? that traces the journey of searching for a lost voice.

performance, design, direction Mallika Taneja dramaturgy & doll design Hansa Thapliyal light design scenography Sangeet Shrivastava music guide Bindhumalini N sound Chayan Adhikari text collaborator Rajesh Nirmal production and doll makers Aman Mohammadi, Drishti Chawl
co-production WEB network (La Maison de la danse CDCN Uzès Gard Occitanie, WPZimmer, Beursschouwburg, Black Box Teater, Tanzquartier Wien, Frascati Productions, LES SUBS - Lyon, Points communs - Nouvelle Scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise / Val d’Oise), Kaserne Basel, Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Nationaltheater Mannheim