Free Heri Heri for All 2023

KIP Republic
Fri 30 Jun ’23 18:00
Join us for Free Heri Heri for All on June 30 as part of 'Theater voor Keti Koti'.
Fri 30 Jun ’23
  • Fri 30 Jun ’23
    Frascati 3

Join us for Free Heri Heri for All on June 30 as part of Theater voor Keti Koti, at Frascari Café from 18:00 untill 21:00. The meals are served on a first come, first serve base. 

Free Heri Heri For All invites the entire country to eat the Surinamese dish Heri Heri together on June 30th and July 1st to commemorate and celebrate Keti Koti: the abolition of the trans-atlantic slave trade in the Dutch Kingdom. 

Heri Heri is a meal known as a prevalent dish cooked by many of our enslaved ancestors on plantations around the world during the transatlantic slave trade. Free Heri Heri For All aims to create awareness around the Commemoration of June 30th and Celebration of July 1st 1863 (on paper) and 1873 (in practice). By bringing people together on these days, we aim to activate dialogue and have conversation about our colonial heritage. 

Free Heri Heri For All is an initiative by KIP Republic in collaboration with several organisations and partners. Frascati serves Heri Heri on June 30 from 18:00 as part of the 'Theater voor Keti Koti' programme. The theatre is closed on July 1st.

For us FREE HERI HERI is about making connections and mobilising communities to bring national awareness to the commemoration of July 1st 1863. It's a movement for the people by the people.” — KIP REPUBLIC

Read more on the Free Heri Heri for All website.

  • Time: 18:00 - 21:00 on June 30th
  • First come, first serve
  • Note: The meal may contain traces of nuts, gluten and/or lactose. The meal is also not vegetarian (contains fish).

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