Voorgesprek met Marcelo Evelin

Marcelo Evelin
Fri 31 Mar ’23 18:30
Prior to A Invenção da Maldade / The Invention of Evilness, Francesca Lazzeri will talk with Marcelo Evelin about his (nomadic) artistic practice and political commitment.
Fri 31 Mar ’23
  • Fri 31 Mar ’23
    incl. soup
    Frascati Verbond

Before the performance on Friday, 31 March, Francesca Lazzeri (dramaturge at Frascati) will discuss with Marcelo Evelin his (nomadic) artistic practice and political commitment. Marcelo has been developing his work for more than forty years, in various countries and on different continents. Uncompromising, outspoken and always born of an infectious and unmistakable urge to relate to his environment.

What is the driving force behind a practice that changes over the years but never compromises its political urgency? How is Marcelo’s research influenced and shaped by the different realities in which he operates? How does his work relate to current topics such as care and diversity? And does he see art as a space for resistance, a space for unease or a space for solidarity?

Limited number of places

Admission to this discussion is free, but the number of places available is limited. We therefore ask you to book a ticket for 0 EUROS online. This will give you access to the discussion with Marcelo Evelin and Francesca Lazzeri before the performance in Frascati Verbond (Nes 71) and a large bowl of hearty soup.

Tickets for the performance A Invenção da Maldade / The Invention of Evilness at 20h30 in Frascati 1 (Nes 63) can be purchased here.

  • 60 min.
  • Ticket includes soup
  • Location Frascati Verbond, Nes 71