ICK Dans Amsterdam: Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten
Fri 24 May ’24 and Sat 25 May ’24
The extremes of boxer and dancer. Physically and emotionally churning bodies.
Fri 24 May ’24
Sat 25 May ’24

Take a seat around the boxing ring where dancers turn into boxers, and boxers into dancers. Challenging each other with raunchy punches, quick footwork and virtuoso tactics will put relationships on edge.

ROCCO/ROCCA is based on the Italian film Rocco e i suoi fratelli by director Visconti. A story about brotherly love and the struggle for a better life. The dancers breathe this sibling love: good and evil, the devil and the angel, androgynous, incestuous. ROCCO/ROCCA presents the physically and emotionally churning bodies of boxer and dancer. ROCCO/ROCCA is M/F/X. Gender does not matter. Entering the ring leads to human confrontation, to intense physical and emotional surrender.

In 2012, during the Dutch Dance Festival, ROCCO was awarded the VSCD Dance Award, the Zwaan, for ‘most impressive dance production’. Dancer Christian Guerematchi was nominated for the ‘most impressive dance performance’. In 2015, ROCCA was presented by Ballet National de Marseille with a female cast. This international success can be seen again in the Netherlands in 2022 as ROCCO/ROCCA, a performance in which gender no longer matters. Men and women are equal, also in their intense physical and emotional surrender to both desire and struggle.

Duration approx. 60 min.


choreography en direction Emio Greco Pieter C. Scholten dance ICK-Ensemble lighting Paul Beumer en 
Pieter C. Scholten costumes Clifford Portier technical producer Israël del Barco

Press about ROCCO:

“Greco and Scholten sometimes cleverly intertwine the beauty, the craft, the physical intensity and the show element of martial arts and dance.” De Groene Amsterdammer.

“ROCCO has become a hypnotic trip with a tension that rises until nothing 
seems to exist anymore but two physically and emotionally boiling bodies.” de Volkskrant

“A classic battle between brothers is staged here like a sweaty boxing match.” Der Standard