Moving Beyond 2.0 & Benin Vibrations (double bill)

Igor Vrebac (NL), Kwanele Finch Thusi (SA) / Lucrece Atchade (BJ), Bonaventure Sossou (BJ), Feri de Geus (NL) & Noortje Bijvoet (NL)
Sun 9 Oct ’22 20:00
Queer bodies, gender identity, spirituality. How to surrender to change but be aware of what was, what is and what is to come?
Sun 9 Oct ’22

Four performances with 1 ticket: Moving Beyond 2.0 and Triple Bill Benin Vibrations

Moving Beyond 2.0

Kwanele and Igor work together for the first time, but find similarities in their work as it comes to themes such as queer bodies, gender identity, spirituality. Both are fascinated by human behaviour and how to deconstruct cliché personalities in order to see the human being on stage. Their way of working is influenced by culture, history, sports and results in a high stamina and lots of repetition on stage. 

For Moving Beyond 2.0 they will research how to be with everything we remember emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. For this, they’ll dive into deconstructing our daily patterns to investigate the human way of living that is a constant circulation of thoughts, emotions, and maybe even lives. How to surrender yourself to change but still be aware of what was, what is and what is yet to come? How to stay with(in) the body? ? Moving Beyond 2.0 is part of the Artists in Residency program of Afrovibes for African and Dutch makers.

Benin Vibrations

Triple bill with its roots in Benin.


In the age of the internet, exposing sexuality on social networks, cyberbullying and fake news is disturbing. Everyone wants to look good, be successful, it doesn't matter if we become someone else. What attracts and holds us in this virtual, false world? Algorithm is a reflection on the limits of intimacy in the digital age.

Le Bien et le Mal 

Twins are said to be at war with each other already in the womb. Human relationships often consist of the desire to dominate, because of disagreement, injustice and inequality. The urge to dominate creates conflict, abuse of power, discrimination and hegemony of one nation over another. Can't people live righteously in love, harmony and peace?

Gendarme Couché

In Benin's urban life, old traditions clash with modern ideas. In Gendarme Couché (speed bump) both sides become visible. Accelerating and slowing down, this dynamic becomes visible in an exciting physical dialogue in which the complex percussion rhythms from Benin's culture coincide and collide with the pulsating piano music of John Adams.

  • Moving Beyond: 35 min
  • Benin Vibrations: 60 min

Igor Vrebac

Igor Vrebac (Sarajevo, 1986) graduated in 2012 from the Amsterdam School of the Arts with the Mime course. After graduating, he followed his dream and worked as an actor and performer in films, TV series and national and international productions. In 2016 he made his directorial debut with Macho Macho for which he received the 'Dioraphte Best of Amsterdam Fringe' Award. He continued his fascination for male and female behavior and in 2017 created TRÆNS, a dance performance in high heels to dissect the feminine and masculine and fuse them into one body. For this he received a nomination from the Nederlandse Dansdagen as an up-and-coming talent. He concluded the triptych about gender and identity with HEROES, a performance in 2018 as an ode to woman and her (physical) strength.

In the years that followed, he made forays into other media, such as making and producing a short film with filmmaker Bas de Brouwer, working with fashion designer Joris Suk and making two location performances during the Atelier in 2019 for Oerol and Over het IJ. Festival. In 2021 his work was shown again in the theater; OMG premiered during the 30th edition of Julidans. A performance about celebrating abundance that is located at the intersection of a meditative sport exercise and a colorful roller coaster of sensory stimulation. Igor Vrebac also gives workshops in mime, dance, theater and coaches artists in true presence on stage. He lives in Utrecht.

Kwanele Finch Thusi 

Kwanele Finch Thusi, South African choreographer and performer obtained his Honours Degree in education, marketing and international relations at Wits University in Johannesburg, where he also teaches dance. Thusi teaches dance and youth development workshops in Sweden, Mozambique, Ghana, Kenya and Namibia. In dance he focuses on topics such as African queer identity, African diaspora and genealogy. Thusi is co-choreographer, story developer and coordinator for Netflix's Dance Series 'Jiva' and released his first book entitled 'Man Escaped' which celebrates the body in all its forms and expressions.

Bonaventure Soussou

Bonaventure Soussou is a young choreographer and talented dancer who started with a folklore group in Benin in 2008. Since 2012 he has been working as a dancer with Walô and has participated in various training programs of Le Grand Cru and  gained experience with Germaine Acogny, Rachelle Agbossou, Frey Faust and Salia Senou. In 2021 he created his first solo 'Doyigbe'. Le bien et le mal" is the result of a choreographic trajectory with Le Grand Cru on the theme of injustice.

Lucrèce Atchade

Lucrèce Atchade has been working as a dancer at Walô since 2013. She created her first choreography 'Donkpevou, Moi Ado' in 2017. She is a versatile performer who tours with international musicians and teaches contemporary African hip hop. She is part of LGC's training team co-creating with them on performances in Senegal, Mali and Burundi. In her artistic work, femininity and the social position of women in Africa is a guiding theme. In 'Algorithm' she investigates sexuality and the social media.

Feri de Geus, Noortje Bijvoets

Since 2000 Feri de Geus and Noortje Bijvoets have been producing intercultural productions with dance companies from non-western cultures, including Georgia, South Africa, Syria, Senegal and Burundi. They are inspired by traditional dance culture and local social themes, put in a mixture of contemporary dance, local styles and rituals. Since 2008 they work with their foundation Le Grand in a team of professionals to provide training in dance and theater, didactics and human rights which is also the foundation of their artistic work.   

Credits Moving Beyond

Director: Igor Vrebac Choreography: Kwanele Finch Thusi Dancers/performers: Codarts - Kelly Sentjes, Anouk Smulders; Mingus Kramer, HKU Artistic coordinator / mentor: Marjorie Boston

Credits Algorithme

choreografie Lucrèce Atchade dansers Lucrèce Atchade, Doegam Atrokpo, Irénée Viceho, Bonaventure Sossouproductie Compagnie Walô (BJ)

Credits Le Bien et le Mal

choreografie Bonaventure Sossou dansers Bonaventure Sossou, Doegam Atrokpo productie Compagnie Walô (BJ)  

Credits Gendarme Couché

choreografie Feri de Geus, Noortje Bijvoets ism Rachelle Agbossou dansers Rachelle Agbossou. Denise Ishola, Lucrèce Atchade, Doegam Atrokpo, Irénée Viceho, Bonaventure Sossou productie Le Grand Cru (NL)