Holland Festival: The Unborn

Flavia Pinheiro (BR)
Fri 21 Jun ’24 and Sat 22 Jun ’24
A performance that is part ritual and dance, based on the ones who will never be born and those who died after birth, explores the mysterious world between life and death.
Fri 21 Jun ’24
Sat 22 Jun ’24

The Unborn transports the audience into a mysterious realm of enchantment, an in-between world. An absent presence is evoked, with troubling spirits defying gravity with somersaults, suspended in darkness.

Moving between ritual and choreography, this dance solo invites reflection on the fragility and resilience of life, the mysterious world of ghosts and the eternal desire to live on. The dance embodies a sense of magical movement that can hear spirits and communicate with them, and can be seen through closed eyes, as if unlocking a clairvoyant perspective. In her artistic practice, Brazilian choreographer and performer Pinheiro creates fanciful exchanges with non-human beings, like bacteria, plants, birds, antelopes and spirits.

Saturday 22 June: FRASC at NIGHT

After The Unborn on Saturday 22 June, Frascati 2 will transform into a dance floor during FRASC at NIGHT. With extraordinary pop-up performances, like (M)imosa by Flavia Pinheiro, and music of a.o. DJ AfroOankali.

  • Duration: 45 min. 


choreography Flavia Pinheiro performer Flavia Pinheiro collaboration Tom Oliver, Mari Paula residence La Caldera Barcelona

About the maker

Flavia Pinheiro (Recife) is a choreographer and performer from Recife, Brazil based in Amsterdam. She studied at DAS Choreography, the master’s programme of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, where she did research on bacteria, spirits and science. Her graduation piece 7 Abiku Solos for 11 bacteria falling through was supported by the Aart Janszen Fonds and ID Lab and was awarded an Andre Veltkamp Grant.

Flavia makes performances, videos, installations and urban interventions in collaboration with artists from different disciplines, such as contemporary music, visual arts, video and digital arts. She radically confronts audiences with the roots of Western and colonial systems of knowledge and codes that have created and normalised exclusionary practices.

Flavia Pinheiro was selected as a maker by De Balie, De Ateliers and Veem, House of Performance (Engaged Art Coalitie) for the 3Package Deal 2022-2023, the international talent development programme of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

In 2021, as a master’s student, Flavia took part in Immerse, the annual Holland Festival programme for artists from the Netherlands and abroad who are at the start of an international career.