Facing The Unknown

Patrisse Cullors & Danielle Gallia-Kind
Tue 30 Jan ’24 - Thu 1 Feb ’24
Three events to foster maternal knowledge through artistic expression: a performance, a mother-artists circle, a physical workshop. 
Tue 30 Jan ’24
Thu 1 Feb ’24

During our week of research, we focus on the intersection of mothering practices and artistic research. 

Patrisse and Danielle are both mothers, artists and activists. Facing The Unknown is their first collaboration. The middle-east catastrophe, an upcoming birth and abolition work brought them together. 

about Patrisse Cullors
Artist, founder black lives matter & abolitionist

about Danielle Gallia-Kind
Choreographer, post October 7th public speaker and educator

We aim to cultivate maternal knowlegde through artistic expression. 
We aim to explore maternal experiences as a model for rethinking sociotal structures. 
We aim to celebrate collaboration among mother-artists. 

Our research methods include performance art, joint thinking and focusing on our commitment to face the unknown. This is part of more widespread international mother-artist project titled Motherhood Takes Place (scroll down for more info). 

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* Everybody who's interested is welcome to join all events, regardless of their parental / gender status. 


pre&postpartumdance | Baby Carriers Session

Tuesday 30.01.24 // 11:00-12:00 

Third trimester pregnancy carriers and M/others with a baby (and a baby carrier) are welcome to join Danielle's practice and MA artistic research “postpartumdance”. Ensapsulating the journey from pregnancy to postpartum through rhythm, weight, voice, and a shared giving-in moment.

Mother Artists Circle

Wednesday 31.01.24 // 11:00-12:30

Open session, sharing challenges and triumphs we face as mother-artists, fostering a sense of community and shared understanding.

Unknown Future | the Birth Circle Performance

Thursday 01.02.24 // 20:00-21:00
€10,- // you can pay on the spot

A performative birth circle for Danielle's upcoming birth (in 4 weeks), exploring fears, intentions and fantasies in the relationship between the personal and the universal. Representing the journey of motherhood as a future-practice, symbolising birth as both a literal and metaphorical concept.
Accompanied with music by Anat Spiegel and with artistic advice from Maria Mavridou. 

about Motherhood Takes Place 

Motherhood Takes Place is an international mother-artist project led by the choreographers Danielle Gallia-Kind and Merav Dagan in collaboration with Kelim Choreography Centre and Het Verbond, Frascati Theater. It seeks to foster maternal knowledge through artistic expression and collaboration among mother-artists. 

The maternal body is a repository of unique, often underappreciated knowledge, and is seen as a potential model for rethinking economic, social, and political structures. The project underscores that this maternal wisdom, typically overlooked in mainstream discourses, is vital for crafting a more inclusive, less violent world.

Central to this is the concept of a "place of no-production," a space where mother-artists can rest, reflect, and cultivate their creative and maternal insights without the pressure of output. Emphasizing the importance of creating a nurturing space for artistic and maternal growth.


about Het Verbond
Het Verbond is a new space within Frascati where artists can host and curate their own programme, to research, to play and to reflect together. This iniatiave is still under construction. More info coming soon. 


  • Location: Het Verbond, Nes 71
    ring the bell, second floor, door on your right, 'Atelier' 

  • Language: English