Songs and Silences is a new, interdisciplinary and fascinating work by OFFprojects, the collective of ex-NDT and Batsheva dancers centered around the work of artistic director Amos Ben-Tal.

In Songs And Silences, dance, music and text take you into an experience where multiple senses are addressed and stimulated. Songs And Silences is not a usual full-length dance performance, it is an evening consisting of a number of shorter works. For three hours, the eight performers repeat a series of dance solos, poems and live guitar works, creating a hypnotic mosaic. When you buy a ticket, you choose your start time. How long you stay is up to you (we recommend a visit of at least 45-60 minutes). This way, each visitor creates their own unique experience. Songs and Silences invites you to embark on a journey with yourself, other audience members and the artists in search of new perspectives.

After the success of Interval, which was nominated for a ‘Swan’ for best dance production, and PART, which ended up in the top 5 of Parool's favorite performances of 2022, this new performance is something to look forward to!

  • When you buy a ticket, you get a time slot that lasts 15 minutes. How long you stay is up to you (we recommend a visit of at least 45-60 minutes).


choreography, music, text Amos Ben-Tal artistic advice Yvan Dubreuil dance Alex Blondeau, Luca Cacitti, Wolf Govaerts, Xanthe van Opstal, Adam Khazhmuradov, Aurélie Cayla en Milena Twiehaus actressAnnabelle Hinam light Xavier van Wersch business management Lobke Nabuurs production Agnese Rosati producer OFFprojects partner Korzo

OFFprojects is structurally supported by the Municipality of The Hague and Fonds Podiumkunsten.

The press about Amos Ben-Tal/OFFprojects

"Pure dance and playful abstraction deliver a sensation of freedom" Theaterkrant about PART

"Choreographer Amos Ben-Tal, sound artist Salvador Breed and the musicians of the Ragazze Quartet disassemble the composition to gloriously reassemble it before the eyes and ears of the audience."  Parool over PART

"Immensely fascinating what Ben-Tal does with the perception of space, time and human actions." Trouw about Seconds

"By seeking the diversity, the complex and at the same time the universal and common of man in his performance, Ben-Tal invites us to communicate. Using the incredible skills of the performers, he makes everyone aware of their own humanity." jury Dioraphte Prize on HOWL

"In the fascinating choreography Interval by Amos Ben-Tal, the dancers interact with the kinetic installation by Gosse de Kort. In the face of the technology-driven objects and the resulting limitations and risks, the dancers maneuver themselves with conviction, but never lose their sense of humanity." (Jury VSCD, ‘Swans’)

About Amos Ben-Tal and OFFprojects

OFFprojects is a collective of artists who create interdisciplinary performances and installations using dance, music, image and words. The group consists of former dancers from Nederlands Dans Theater and Batsheva Ensemble who gather around the work of choreographer, musician and writer Amos Ben-Tal. The group's uncompromising craftsmanship and artistry, combined with experimentation and conceptual thinking, has established their reputation as challenging yet appealing to a wide audience.

The versatile makers regularly seek collaborations with which they can come up with a new form for their creations. Together with Spinvis, they created the award-winning dance performance/talk show Howl (Dioraphte Dansprijs 2016). They worked for two years on a series of works and installations called 60, a project about the perception of time. With Interval (2021), they explored the relationship between dance and architecture together with artist Gosse de Kort in a performance that was nominated for a ‘Swan’ for best dance production. For their most recent production PART, they shared the stage with the musicians of the Ragazze Quartet and sound designer Salvador Breed.