The Artists Are Present - Dag 1 route B

ICK Dans Amsterdam / Artist Space
Wed 13 Dec ’23 20:00
TREVOGA & Nicola Galli & Bogomir Doringer + pop up surprise performances.
Wed 13 Dec ’23
  • Wed 13 Dec ’23
    Frascati 3 TAAP

The Artists Are Present is ICK Dans Amsterdam's festival in which the new generation of artists present themselves to the public and share the floor with each other. After the first successful edition last autumn in Nieuw-West, the festival now takes place for the first time in Frascati. From Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 December, young dance and performance makers will take you on an exciting journey of discovery in a dynamic programme of performances, installations, unexpected pop-up presentations and talks. 

Day 1 route B

The Artists Are Present works with two different routes per evening. This way, you can visit two shows per evening and enjoy the pop-up performances in between. Via route 1B you'll first see 11 3 8 7, and afterwards visit Ultra. After 11 3 8 7 there is a lecture talk by Bogomir Doringer. The evening is hosted by Robin Nimanong. In between performances you can enjoy Robin's drag pop-up and scenes from FUNK by Christan Gueramatchi. 

11 3 8 7 - TREVOGA

An unsettling reality TV show, an estranged dream after cheap melatonin, or just a spilled toy box on a middle-class floor. 

“We found ourselves caught up in an amusing contradiction -- stretched between media’s glamorous promises pouring into our champagne escapism and a grim lack of agency that comes with being reduced to production units in abstracted assembly lines. From targeted ads to tailored content to newsreels, vlogs, and streaming subscriptions, we saw ourselves hectically jumping through screen-sized portals.

Isolated spectators enclosed in our disaffected productive specializations, we sip on images of better lifestyles in search of a momentary escape from the drag of every day. Like a dog chasing its own tail. A feedback loop that gets more delirious with each iteration. The more jaded we become, the more we feast our eyes in hope of liberation.”


Trevoga is a newly-formed dance collective by Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK)-alumni Neda Ruzheva (BG/1999), Antonina Pushkareva (RU, 2000), and Erikas Žilaitis (LT, 1999). All three members had different backgrounds in dance before entering the AHK to follow the School for New Dance Development, Modern Theatre Dance, and Expanded Contemporary Dance departments.

They found each other in their shared desire to turn the choreographic process inside out. Growing up in the nebulous socio-political context of post-Soviet countries' "re-construction,'' between the violently enforced moral imperatives of a Soviet ghost and the stupefying hedonism of a newborn capitalist dream, they grow up quite fond of the overlaps between repression and seduction.

This same ambivalence is imprinted in most of Trevoga's work, where flashy tropes from popular media and high culture go hand in hand with a mundane sense of unease. Through this aesthetic juxtaposition, Trevoga gnaws at the mental onslaught of the fast-paced city they inhabit, viewing their bodies as symptoms of its numerous addictions and the stage as means to disentangle its many dissonant processes and conflicting forces. TREVOGA was the winner of the Best of Fringe award 2023. 

Lecture talk with Bogomir Doringer

In this lecture talk, ICK’s Associate Artist Bogomir Doringer will speak on his project I Dance Alone. The project observes dance floors from a bird's eye view, or what used to be called the divine perspective. Crowds are analyzed as microscopic samples. Zooming in to dancing gestures and anonymous dancing bodies has provided extensive knowledge and insight into club culture and its transformation in times of socio-political changes. As if dancing crowds are like clouds announcing changing weather conditions or sensing may be times of shifts and urgencies that are about to come. 

In Doringer’s work, he travels between looking at dancing crowds, a form of political protest, to tracing empowering powers that dance holds for everyone who dares to move. The curation of symposiums and exhibitions became an active methodology in his work. It awarded him with the term "dance of urgency", a dance that rises in times of personal and collective crises, and such a dance aims to empower individuals and groups. The presentation will be supported by various video archived material and visual examples. The most important part of dance and fascination with it is not knowing but moving within or towards it. 

About Bogomir Doringer

Bogomir Doringer is a Serbian/Dutch artist, researcher and curator. He is doing an Artistic Research PhD at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with the ongoing research project "I Dance Alone," which observes clubbing from a birds-eye-view as a reaction to social and political changes. Investigating collective and individual dynamics of the dance floor and different functions that dance that is performed has.

Bogomir is curator and head of education and research at Nxt Museum in Amsterdam. He is speaking and teaching internationally. He has been co-curator of Envisiong Free Spaces-the public day of the Stadt Nach Acht conference since 2014. He contributes to various international music festivals, club programs, and institutions throughout his work and research. 

  • Duration11 3 8 7: 35 min
  • Duration lecture talk: 30 min
  • Duration Ultra: 50 min

Ultra - Nicola Galli

In front of us, the underground.
A dark, earthy cavity housing an invisible, industrious ecosystem of organisms engaged in the complex process of constant connection, exchange and transformation of matter.

The creation Ultra offers a view of a hidden world, bringing to light a transformative process embodied by two electric bodies, inhabitants in transit and custodians of an archive of knowledge.

Ultra encourages us to imagine ourselves as ultra-humans, united in a momentum of collective contamination, to recognize the power of relationships between things and to perceive a balanced (re-)organization of the world.

About Nicola Galli

Nicola Galli (1990, Italy) works on body research and he is choreographer, dancer, light and costume designer. His research stated in artistic pieces and devices that ranges from choreography to performance, from body installations to graphic-visual design. Starting from natural sciences, geometry, astronomy, architecture and a passion for photography, his gaze is fascinated by human anatomy, light and sound, key elements that nourish the close relationship between the subjects that inhabit the scene in a perspective of interdependence.

His work embraces a transversal scenic vision, in which the body becomes the irradiate core of an artistic research and a sensibility focused on the exploration of movement as a part of different knowledges.

11 3 8 7

choreography Trevoga Collective styling La Fam sound Damyst light Nadia Bekkers branding Rosa Alvarez Solano photography Giovanni Salice co-production ICK Amsterdam x One Dance Week Bulgaria made with the support of NORMA Funds, Performing Art Funds NL & Amsterdam Fund for the Arts special thanks to Suzy Blok, Assen Assenov, Elianna Lilova, Karina Villafan, Dovilė Krutulytė & Anna Van Jaarsveld


concept, direction en choreography Nicola Galli dance en creation Nicola Galli, Massimo Monticelli set design and lights Margherita Dotta, Nicola Galli dramaturgy Giulia Melandri scent on stage Aquaflor Firenze production TIR Danza coproduction Marche Teatro / Inteatro Festival, Festival Aperto / Fondazione I Teatri - Reggio Emilia with the support of CCN Ballet de Lorraine, ATER Fondazione, Netwerk Grand Luxe artistic residencies CCN Ballet de Lorraine accueil studio 22/23, ICK Amsterdam, Inteatro residenties, Grand Studio Bruxelles, ICK Amsterdam, Centro Culturale S. Chiara in collaboration with Almagia Netwerk