Cadela Força - Capítulo I: A noiva e o boa noite cinderela

Carolina Bianchi y Cara de Cavalo & Metro Gestão Cultural in coproductie met Frascati Producties
Thu 28 Sep ’23 - Sat 30 Sep ’23
A speaker and performer tackles the unspeakable of violence against women. We are then at the gates of hell before sinking into it completely.
Thu 28 Sep ’23
Sat 30 Sep ’23

A speaker and performer tackles the unspeakable of violence against women. We are then at the gates of hell before sinking into it completely.

Cadela Força – Capítulo I: A noiva e o boa noite cinderela / Chapter I: The Bride And The *Good Night, Cinderella premièred on July 6th at the Avignon Festival. The Dutch première will be on 28 September in Frascati. 

Do you know one or more women who told you, maybe long after the fact, that they were assaulted? What do you know? What did they tell you? What did they manage to tell you? And what do they remember? Do you know Pippa Bacca, an Italian artist who was raped and killed while doing a travelling performance? Those are the questions A Noiva e o Boa Noite Cinderela asks. For the first part of their Cadela Força trilogy, Brazilian artist Carolina Bianchi and her collective Cara de Cavalo wanted to begin with a conference where we, the audience, are buried under the enumeration of violent acts. The walls may be white, the thinking rigorous, but don’t be fooled: we’re in the antechamber of hell. A hell which, due to rape drink, follows us all the way into sleep. A space where the present can suddenly collapse into the past without warning. How can one overcome this fragmentation of time between memory and dream, between imagination and feasible reality?

In conversation with Carolina Bianchi and Carolina Mendonça: Cacophonic Practices - how to bond over differences 

On Friday, 29 September 2023, at 15:00, Francesca Lazzeri (dramaturg at Frascati) will moderate a conversation between Carolina Bianchi and Carolina Mendonça around their practices and the questions which arise when we address topics of violence through theatre and performance.

Tickets cost 0 EURO'S, but must be ordered in advance from the site.

Cadela Força

Cadela Força (Bitch Strength) is a trilogy that forms a Dante-esque circle of hell around stories of femicides from the '90s to the present; dealing with the problematic nature of documenting a rape and the fraternity between CIS males as part of a linguistic system that upholds violence against women. 

In each part of the trilogy, Carolina Bianchi sees theatre and performance as potential media through which to talk about these stories of extreme violence. 

  • Please note: a stroboscope is used during this performance
  • Duration: 150 min.
  • Language: Portuguese with English and Dutch surtitles
  • Dutch premiere thursday 28 sep 2023
  • Age recommendation 18
  • PreTalk: Friday, 29 September 2023, at 15:00 at Het Verbond (Nes 71)

conception, text, dramaturgy and direction Carolina Bianchi dramaturgist and partnership in continuous research process Carolina Mendonça cast Blackyva, Carolina Bianchi, Chico Lima, Fernanda Libman, Joana Ferraz, José Artur Campos, Larissa Ballarotti, Marina Matheus and Rafael Limongelli translation of texts into English and revision Larissa Ballarotti, Luisa Dalgalarrondo, Joana Ferraz, Marina Matheus. Dutch translation (subtitles): Inge Floré (courtesy of KVS and Frascati) Dutch translation (subtitles) Inge Floré (courtesy of KVS and Frascati) technical direction, sound design and original music Miguel Caldas set design, art, graphic design Luisa Callegari light design João Rios videos and screenings Montserrat Fonseca Llach karaoke video Thany Sanches costumes Tomás Decina, Luisa Callegari, Carolina Bianchi art assistant and general artistic collaboration Tomás Decina collaboration in body and voice training Pat Fudyda, Yantó dialogue on theory and dramaturgy Silvia Bottiroli photos Christophe Raynaud de Lage car construction Xavier Rhame, Lionel Petit, Philippe Bercot, Mathieu Audejean, Pierre Dumas, Miguel Caldas, Luisa Callegari, João Rios stage manager and production support Ella de Gregoriis production direction and tour manager Carla Estefan international management and diffusion Metro Gestão Cultural (Brasil) production Metro Gestão Cultural (Brasil), Carolina Bianchi y Cara de Cavalo in coproduction with Festival d’Avignon, KVS Brussels, Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg - Scène européenne, Frascati Producties -Amsterdam residency to finish the play and set construction La FabricA du Festival d’Avignon residencies Frascati Theater, DAS Theatre (Amsterdam), Festival Proximamente/KVS (Brussels), Festival 21 Voltz/Central Elétrica (Porto), Pride Festival (Belgrade), Greta Galpão (São Paulo) e Espaço Desterro (Rio de Janeiro) with the Support of Theater Der Welt, The Ammodo Foudation, DAS Theatre Master Program, 3 Package Deal of the AFK - Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst / Coalition: DAS Theatre, NDSM and Over ’t IJ Festival

*The show premiered on July, the 6th - 2023 at the Festival d’Avignon 

*Intertextualities The text of this show also counts on the crossing of some authors. We highlight the collaboration of the actress Blackyva in her text in the second part of the show, Nathalie Léger and her book "The White Dress", writings by Saidiya Hartman, the work of the anthropologist Rita Laura Segato, the bibliography of Roberto Bolaño and conversations with the artist Renan Marcondes.



"This all-too-real performance single-handedly jolted Avignon alive over the first week of the festival, turning Bianchi — an unknown, Amsterdam-based artist — into a sensation at the event." The New York Times

"(...) a milestone in the history of the Festival d’Avignon (...) One thing is certain, no one leaves the room in the state in which they entered it." Globe Echo

"(...) het is een slimme en erg krachtige performance rond thema’s als verkrachting en femicide (...)" De Standaard

Over Carolina Bianchi

Carolina Bianchi is an Amsterdam-based Brazilian theatre-maker, performer and writer who graduated in 2022 from the master’s programme at DAS Theatre – Academy of Theatre and Dance. Her work oscillates between theatre and performance, always around a core of totally integrated theory and practice. Her productions start from the perspective of crisis and address issues of gender, sexual violence and art history – sometimes on the basis of personal and/or historical events. 

In her sensory, forthright and uncompromising shows, Carolina makes use of a combination of references from literature, news, film and fine art, and is always looking to further her ongoing confrontation with anything that seems to be an absolute truth. Her productions translate complex social and political issues into highly accessible material that appeals directly at a physical, intuitive level to wide audiences.  

This Brazilian maker is a member of the São Paulo collective CARA DE CAVALO (Horse's Face), with whom she has created works including: O Tremor Magnífico (The Magnificent Tremor) – 2020; LOBO (Wolf) – 2018; the open-air production Quiero hacer el amor (I Want to Make Love) – 2017; and the lecture/performance Mata-me de Prazer (Kill Me with Pleasure).