The Zone

Marijn Brussaard
Wed 19 Apr ’23 and Thu 20 Apr ’23
What does real nature still mean if we settle for a simulation?
Wed 19 Apr ’23
Thu 20 Apr ’23

The Zone is an installation and performance that researches the idea of an authentic experience in nature, and tries to create a space to reflect on this. Everything in this space in intentionally fake. The plants are made of plastic, the gravel is made of rubber and you can hear bird songs from the internet through the speakers.

We automatically associate nature with serenity and authenticity. It’s not for nothing that you can hear bird songs accompanying the massage chairs on airports, and the ‘relaxation zones’ are always decorated with faux trees and grass carpets. Here, only the idea of nature is often enough. But what does real nature still mean if we settle for a simulation? And isn’t it ironic that we seek for something genuine in artificial plants in a world where there is less and less nature to find?

The Zone is an ongoing performance and installation. You may enter and leave during the entire duration of the piece.

Te combineren met:
Commitment Phobe - Ira Brand /Frascati Producties, 21:00 in F2



concept Marijn Brussaard performance Barnaby Savage, Niek van Oosterweyck production Lena Meijer technical Manuel Botreur advice Nikola Knežević co-production/residencies The Grey Space in the Middle, Zaal 3, Lente Kabinet, Workspacebrussels, Come Together/GREENHOUSE, Theater Artemis supported by AFK/Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten

About Marijn Brussaard

Multidisciplinary artist Marijn Brussaard (Amsterdam, 1993) works with performance, video-installation and electronic music. Brussaard is conceptually and musically driven. In his work he researches and reflects on the theatrics of modern-day phenomena such as pop culture and internet aesthetics. He finds that the tension and drama often lie in the inconsistencies and paradoxes of these subjects. His pieces can be described as form-experiments that are often poetic, humorous or absurd by nature. The contrasts between what is real and synthetic or hyperreal are a recurrent theme in his work.