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A Invenção da Maldade / The Invention of Evilness

Marcelo Evelin (BR) / Demolition Incorporada
Thu 30 Mar ’23 - Fri 31 Mar ’23
Six dancers give expression to a primordial rage; an innocence that doesn’t recognise its own intensity.
Thu 30 Mar ’23
Fri 31 Mar ’23

I am not longer here. But the space lives on in my body. The big concrete floor. A square in the centre of the space, guarded by four pillars. The hum of passing cars. Sporadic rain showers on sheet steel.

This place, an old shed, is CAMPO in Teresina, Brazil. An artistic space created by choreographer Marcelo Evelin and producer Regina Veloso where dance, performance and photographic creations are made. The space is rough and unpolished and reflects the surrounding city, the surrounding country. A place where life is riven by serious political tensions and palpable uncertainty. Following the elections of 2018, the atmosphere in Brazil has degenerated into political hopelessness, with a new leadership that promises nothing other than more instability, more violence and more intolerance of minorities and artists. 

I am not there. But I can imagine the six bodies in that huge, horizontal space. Moving frenetically, irregularly, mysteriously. How they approach one another and touch with an animality, a kind of soulful aggression. A state of almost naive curiosity. I can also imagine the bells hanging from the ceiling, which create an indefinable ambiance, like the loud silence of a holy place or the wind howling through a wooden hut. The sounds of not-there. And I can see the bodies dancing this, acting in a kind of de-subjectivised way; an angelic non-presence that passes like a liquid through the flesh. Heavenly infection?

Panel discussion Thursday 30 March 

On Thursday, 30 March, a panel discussion with Marcelo will take place after the performance, moderated by Brazilian dramaturge Carolina Mendonça, who graduated from the University of Performing Arts in São Paulo and obtained a Master’s in Choreography and Performance from the University of Giessen[MWB1] . This discussion will talk in greater depth about the production and the political context within which the work was developed.

Panel discussion Friday 31 March with Marcelo Evelin (places limited)

Before the performance on Friday, 31 March, Francesca Lazzeri (dramaturge at Frascati) will discuss with Marcelo Evelin his (nomadic) artistic practice and political commitment. Marcelo has been developing his practice for more than twenty years, in various countries and on different continents. Uncompromising, outspoken and always born of an infectious and unmistakable urge to relate to his environment.

Tickets cost 0 EUROS, but must be ordered in advance from the site. Click here to reserve your seat.

  • Duration: 70 mins.
  • The public moves freely around the spaceduring the performance
  • You can buy a fanzine with inspirations from this performance for 5 euros. All proceeds will go to Demolition Incorporada's rehearsal space in Brazil.   

Thu 30 March:

  • a photographer will be present
  • On Thu 30 March as part of the We Are Public programme.
  • Followed by a panel discussion on Thu 30 March (30-40 min)

Fri 31 March:

About Marcelo Evelin

Marcelo Evelin, born in Piauí (Brazil), is a choreographer, researcher and performer. He lives and works in both Amsterdam and Teresina (Brazil). Marcelo has lived in Europe since 1986. He works in dance and on projects with artists from different countries in physical theatre, music, video, installations and the occupation of specific spaces.

He is an independent maker with his company Demolition Incorporada, founded in 1995, and teaches at the Mime School in Amsterdam, where he also supports students in their creative processes. He leads workshops and cooperative projects throughout Europe, as well as in the US, Africa, Japan, South America and Brazil, to which country he returned in 2006. Since then, he has also acted as a manager and curator. In Teresina he set up Núcleo do Dirceu (2006-2013), an independent artists’ collective and research and development platform for contemporary performing arts.

Together with cultural manager Regina Veloso, in March 2016 he established CAMPO in Teresina. CAMPO is a space for the creation, practice and dissemination of art and related disciplines, as well as the studio for Demolition Incorporada. His productions Matadouro (2010) and Suddenly Everything is Black with People (2012) have been performed in more than 18 countries and are still touring.

The performative event Batucada (2014), involving more than 300 performers of various nationalities, is still spreading across the world. His latest creation, Dança Doente/Sick Dance, was inspired by the universe of Tatsumi Hijikata/JP. This premièred in May 2017 at the Kunsten Festival des Arts [MWB2] in Belgium and has toured Europe, Brazil and Japan.

a piece by Marcelo Evelin/Demolition Incorporada concept and choreography Marcelo Evelin creation and performance  Bruno Moreno, Elliot Dehaspe, Maja Grzeczka, Márcio Nonato, Rita Bifulco, Rosângela Sulidade and Sho Takiguchi sound Design and Technical direction Sho Takiguchi dramaturgy Carolina Mendonça research collaboration in philosophy Jonas Schnor collaboration Christine Greiner and Loes Van der Pligt photography and Video Maurício Pokemon production Director Regina Veloso / Demolition Incorporated (Br) and Sofia Matos / Materiais Diversos (Pt) production assistant Gui Fontineles production-touring Andrez Guizze + Regina Veloso agency and diffusion CAMPO / Brazil + Materiais Diversos/ abroad co-production HAU – Hebbel Am Ufer (De), Festival d'Automne à Paris / CND - Centre National de la Danse (Fr), Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (De), Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Be) and Teatro Municipal do Porto / Festival DDD – Dias da Dança (Pt) support Rumos Itaú Cultural 2017-2018 (Br), MIME School - Academy of Theatre and Dance (Amsterdam, Nl) and Xing/Live Arts Week (It) creation in residence at CAMPO Arte Contemporânea, Teresina-Piauí-Brasil (Br)