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La Loba

Hélène Vrijdag en Timo Tembuyser
Tue 29 Nov ’22 - Wed 30 Nov ’22
A manifesto for fluidity.
Tue 29 Nov ’22
Wed 30 Nov ’22

A score for voice and light, a space in which two bodies seek out a new aria, in search of vibrato and howl. A manifesto for a fluidity of masculinity and femininity, of human and animal, of tenor and soprano. La Loba is a composition sung above bones that were once lost, then found, and which thanks to the power of the song resurrect as a howling wolf.

Two bodies roam an opera machine made up of light and dark. Two voices move through and against vocal role patterns. Two solos search for the duet, with and in spite of one another. The duet is a plea to set our inner wolf free. The wolves are searching for the fluidity of nature: for a new primal song.

La Loba is a Cement Production, in co-production with Via Zuid and in collaboration with Muziektheater Transparant.

  • Duration: 60 min
  • Language no problem

About the makers

Hélène Vrijdag graduated in 2020 from the Performance course at Toneelacademie Maastricht institute of performing arts. Since then, she has worked as a performer, singer, composer, writer and weaver. In her work, she uses myth, voice and language to go in search of the archetype of the wild woman.

Timo Tembuyser is a performer, singer and composer. He graduated in 2019 from the Performance course at Toneelacademie Maastricht institute of performing arts, and studied singing at Codarts Rotterdam. Prior to this, Timo studied in Belgium: he completed his master’s in Architecture and Urban Design at Ghent University in 2014. He is currently supported as a maker by Plan Brabant.

Timo and Hélène create vocal compositions in search of the most honest possible dialogue, using the duet as both a physical and political instrument. Their first production as a makers’ duo, Hiccup (2019), was made as part of Welcome to Our Guest House with Productiehuis Rotterdam. In their SIM week Re-embodying Archetypes (2020), they investigated how primal images and archetypes shape us. La Loba (2021) is their second production, and was originally Hélène’s graduation piece as a maker with Festival Cement.

concept Hélène Vrijdag performance & singing Timo Tembuyser & Hélène Vrijdag composition Timo Tembuyser & Hélène Vrijdag, Georg Friedrich Händel, Sergej Rachmaninov costume design & make-up artist Sara Schoon scenography & lighting design Erik van de Wijdeven photography (PR-image) Erik van de Wijdeven