Schrödingers hond

Kim Karssen / Frascati Producties in coproductie met De Warme Winkel
Tue 13 Sep ’22 - Sat 9 Dec ’23
An absurdist production on the power of our thoughts.
Tue 13 Sep ’22
Sat 9 Dec ’23

‘I think therefore I am.’ Right? But what if you spend more time inside your head than outside? What if there’s no escape from your own imagination? If you lose yourself completely in your daydreams – is your imagination then more real than ‘reality’? Does ‘reality’ then still exist? Does Kim Karssen still exist? And what about the show?

Inspired by the psychological phenomenon ‘Maladaptive Daydreaming’, Kim Karssen has created her first solo with Frascati Producties. An absurdist production on the power of our thoughts and how we can simultaneously escape into and be caught within our own imaginations. 

Following on from her previous work De Grap, Kim Karssen continues her research at the intersection between humour and art, through the fearful caverns of the imagination.  

  • Premiere Thursday 15 September 2022
  • Language: Dutch 
  • Duration: 60 min
  • N.B.: this production makes use of lighting effects


by and with Kim Karssen direction Thibaud Delpeut lighting and scenography Hendrik Walther costume Hanne Pierrot  music Thibaud Delpeut coproduction De Warme Winkel


Bio Kim Karssen  

Kim Karssen (1996) graduated in performance from Maastricht in 2018. She is a theatre-maker and actor who in her productions takes on big themes in a grotesque, playful way. With a love for language and stories, she strives in an imaginative way to find a balance between jokes and tears. She is not afraid to probe the dark underbelly, nor of losing control. 

With Frascati Producties, Kim has previously been seen in several cooperations with Florian Myjer: Bloomsbury, Oorlog en Vrede (Frascati Producties, 2019, nominated for the BNG Theaterprijs award 2021) Mephisto Park (Frascati Producties, 2019) and Mann Mann Mann (de Warme Winkel / Frascati Producties, 2022). She also made de Grap (with Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe) in co-production with Frascati Producties, and previously she created the children’s show Kier 4+ (with Hendrik Kegels).  

Kim has been working under the umbrella of Frascati Producties since the 2022/2023 season. In her first Frascati production, Schrödingers hond – a solo with support from Thibaud Delpeut – she continues her search for the intersection between art and humour, through the fearful caverns of the imagination.