There she is

Keren Levi
Tue 6 Oct ’20 - Sat 5 Nov ’22
A Tale Of Dance & Memory.
Tue 6 Oct ’20
Sat 5 Nov ’22

Memory and farewell are the central themes in this personal solo performance by Keren Levi.

In contrast to most of her other pieces Levi has taken autobiographical material as the starting point. She navigates in-between dance, storytelling, voice work and video, in a solo piece which she creates and performs herself. She brings to life a multi-faceted and almost, but not quite, gossipy portrait of intimacy and distance within a family. The audience takes a peek in her secret diary and is invited to reflect on the loss of previous generations.

Keren Levi has been working on a series of solo performances called Departing Landscapes since 2018. THERE SHE IS is the most recent incarnation of this series. A work in permanent progress, THERE SHE IS is a wet canvas on which Levi reworks, sculpts, reinterprets, erases, applies and refines her thoughts and ideas. The performance evolves along with her and becomes richer and more layered because of the time, attention and care she puts into it. For this series Levi asked long-term collaborators dramaturge Igor Dobričić, composer Tom Parkinson and video maker Assi Weitz to join her on this very personal inquiry.

  • Duration: 50 min.
  • Language: Engels


“… An intimate and honest performance with a clear structure. Levi is a convincing mover, and subtle details immediately attract attention. She also knows how to effortlessly get the viewer involved in her story, one sees the images and landscapes that she sketches. This makes the game with memories, family ties, loss and the realisation of finiteness tangible.” Theaterkrant

“There She Is'' is a very personal work that feels like a chapter in a long and exciting book of life. Keren Levi has been working closely with herself and here, she skilfully shares a crafted piece of that with the audience. We are aware that there is much more to know and see, but we will get to experience that only when she invites us again.” Movement Exposed

“Missing is portrayed so concisely that it hurts and, oddly enough, also offers comfort. Because we all know the feeling; that you try to hold on to something but it slips away, it disappears, into the fog… A sad, wistful but reassuring thought. Very beautiful, very ingeniously done. Still to be seen Sunday night. I would go there, if I were you.“ ★★★★ Leeuwarder Courant

About Keren Levi

Keren Levi’s work is idiosyncratically choreographic and multidisciplinary by nature. Her adventurous music-dance-video performances have a conceptual basis and are structured in conversation with principles of film and music making. With a tender-sharp feminist focus,  Levi creates a heterogeneous image of women in all aspects of her work. With the interest to change dance into an area where social conventions and expectations become visible, Levi poses  the question of what dance is, and what role dance can play in a broader socio-political context. 

choreography & performance Keren Levi dramaturgy Igor Dobričić music Tom Parkinson video Assi Weitz light Martin Kaffarnik photography Rob Gradisen management NeverLike Judith Schoneveld production NeverLike co-producers Veem House for Performance Amsterdam,Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster funds BNG cultuurfonds, Elise Mathilde Fonds, Kickstart Fonds support BAU dance & performance platform Amsterdam, Nicole Beutler Projects Amsterdam