Future Stages

Ulrike Quade Company en Innovation:Lab
Wed 1 May ’24 20:00
Exploring creativity in the age of AI.
Wed 1 May ’24

Ever wondered about the impact of AI on the world of performing arts? Curious to explore its role in sparking creativity? And willing to dive deeper into AI than the couple of Big Tech programmes such as Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT? If so, join us for the upcoming Future Stages event.

In an era where AI is marketed as redefining the boundaries of creativity and arts, it is important to understand its impact on the performing arts. The Future Stages event, organised by Ulrike Quade Company and Innovation:Lab, provides a platform to analyse, discuss and envision the future of creativity in a partially/hybrid digitally driven world. We explore whether it is possible to become an AI cyborg in the performing arts field, and what artistic, societal and ethical questions we should take into consideration when morphing into that creature.

Does AI enhance or hinder creativity?
This event will bring together industry experts to explore the impact of AI on creativity. Through engaging discussions and insightful presentations, we aim to address the fundamental question: Does AI enhance or hinder creativity?

Diverse audience
Future Stages welcomes all curious minds passionate about the evolving relationship between technology and the arts. Whether you're a seasoned professional, a budding artist, a tech enthusiast, or simply someone intrigued by the fusion of creativity and innovation, this event is for you. We believe it's essential that everyone attends to bridge the gap between experts and newcomers. This inclusive environment encourages collaboration and allows everyone to contribute and learn, regardless of background or expertise.

Over de sprekers

Piek Knijff (1981) is a philosopher and data ethicist, and director of Philosophy in Action. Since 2011, Piek has been concerned with the ethical side of digitisation, technology, data and algorithms and prompts thinking in organisations about them. During Future Stages #7, Piek dissects the narrative surrounding AI and takes you through an ethical look at this technological development from her political and social philosophical background.

Tom van de Wetering (1986) studied New Media & Digital Culture at Utrecht University and then worked on critically-hilarious stories at media lab SETUP. Currently at HKU, he is responsible for vision and education development in the field of generative Artificial Intelligence. During Future Stages, Tom talks about his experiments with speech synthesis at Innovation:Lab and how to assess such AI-assisted (artistic) performances as a teacher, audience or theatre critic. What feedback do you give an AI and what feedback is an AI itself capable of?

Nikzad Arabshahi, an interdisciplinary artist, holds a background in Visual Art and Computer Science, with studies in ArtScience at the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten. Since 2003, he has excelled in visual and generative art, specializing in immersive multimedia environments and A/V performances. Nikzad collaborates with professionals in various fields, such as creative industries, music festivals, and theater productions, to broaden his understanding of interdisciplinary arts and enhance his innovative works. In the future stage, he shares firsthand experiences in integrating AI, ML, and creative coding into performances and installations.

Event details
The program starts off with presentations from three distinguished speakers. Stay engaged as our speakers interact with the audience facilitated by hosts: Jimmy-Pierre de Graaf (Ulrike Quade Company), Samiha Awad (Innovation:Lab) and Abdelhadi Baadi (Innovation:Lab).

7:45 PM - Doors open
8:00 PM – Opening
8:10 PM - Speaker 1 begins
8:25 PM - Speaker 2 kicks off
8:40 PM - Speaker 3 presents
8:55 PM – Break
9:10 PM - Interactive discussion with audience and speakers
9:30 PM - Networking and refreshments at the bar

About Ulrike Quade Company and Innovation:Lab

Ulrike Quade Company stands at the forefront of visual theatre, combining puppetry, scenography and modern technology to create captivating productions. Its commitment to innovation includes ongoing research and development, especially in robotics, often in collaboration with partners such as Utrecht University and Creative Robotics.

The Innovation:Lab conducts research into the artistic impact of technology on performing arts and into technology as a means to promote diversity, inclusion and digital transformation in the sector.