Vanja Rukavina / Toneelschuur Producties i.s.m. De Coproducers
Tue 21 Nov ’23 - Thu 23 Nov ’23
Can cultural difference be explained mathematically?
Tue 21 Nov ’23
Thu 23 Nov ’23

Looking at it all objectively; if we take a numerical approach; will we discover that we are all the same? Or will we find out that all differences between people and cultures lie much deeper than we think?

An international team of Dutch and Japanese top mathematicians is close to discovering a model that explains cultural differences. Their clashes and misunderstandings provide the best argument that their formulas are much needed. Both in bright fluorescent light and under disco lights, these four fearless mathematicians enter the minefield of cultural misunderstanding.

Superposition is an idealistic show as well as an absurd mathematical equation: the similarities and differences between the Netherlands and Japan, between probability and geometry, between man and woman and between newness and tradition are contrasted. A performance about wanting to get through to each other and trying to understand the true inner being of humans, albeit via a giant detour.

Vanja Rukavina: "At the quantum level, when an elementary particle is in 'superposition', it is in 2 (or more) states at the same time. I was raised bi-culturally and always draw from two different sources. I constantly feel connected and lonely at the same time as I move between those worlds. I have also been studying the Japanese language for 12 years and have made many trips around the country. As an outsider, catching a glimpse of a third culture makes it increasingly clear to me how valuable it is to step outside your own bubble. Even though both worlds are totally different from each other, they are both equally true."

  • Thursday 21st November part of the We Are Public program.
  • The performance is Dutch, English and Japanese spoken. 
  • There are Dutch, English and Japanese subtitles.

regie Vanja Rukavina met Rino Daidoji, Mizuki Kondo, Keja Klaasje Kwestro, Bram Suijker dank aan De Coproducers

About Vanja Rukavina

Vanja completed his acting studies at the Toneelacademie Maastricht in 2011 and, immediately after graduating, acted in several shows at International Theatre Amsterdam for a period of 6 years. Since 2017, Rukavina has played at Het Nationale Theater in which he won the Arlecchino for best male supporting actor in 2018 for his role in the play The Nation. In 2014, he made the performance Nobody Home with Daria Bukvic, Saman Amini and Majd Mardo, which was selected for the Theaterfestival. His own performance BOKKO in collaboration with Karel van Laere toured Europe, China and South Korea for eight years, and in 2019 he presented his solo performance LANGUAGE on language and identity, which was nominated for the BNG Bank Theatre Prize in the same year.