Vladlena Sandu
Sun 10 Sep ’23 - Mon 11 Sep ’23
You can become who you want to be, no matter where the story starts.
Sun 10 Sep ’23
Mon 11 Sep ’23

We follow a 17-year-old heroine, called Vlada, after the Chechen war. The young woman is forced to take the path of prostitution. She falls into the hands of a criminal gang and meets many different kinds of men and other girls like her.

The Rainbow Cinema is a theaterproject by Vladlena Sandu, based on her own experiences as an adolescent. We follow a 17-year-old heroine, called Vlada, after the Chechen war. The young woman is forced to take the path of prostitution. She falls into the hands of a criminal gang that sells her in Moscow. The young heroine encounters many different men and other girls like her along her journey. The strength of The Rainbow Cinema is that Vlada never becomes a victim, no matter how violent the anecdotes. She remains keenly observant through it all, always choosing the light over the dark at the most crucial moments. As a result, she eventually manages to escape. Sandu's testimonies are marked by her eye for detail, disarming honesty and humor. They ultimately teach the audience that you can always become who you want to be, as long as you keep believing that.

  • Trigger Warning: This performance mentions trauma and sexual violence.

About Vladlena Sandu

VLADLENA SANDU film director / theater director/ screenwriter / editor / actress /   Was born in Father's homeland of Ukraine, Crimea (Feodosia) in 1982. After her parents divorced, she moved to Mother's hometown of Grozny in the Chechen Republic. I spent four years at war as a child and teenager. In 1998 I immigrated to mainland Russia and received the status of an internally displaced person. 
Studied at Rodchenko Art School in Moscow and at the directing faculty of the Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK). Her student debut short film "Kira"  received the jury’s choice award at Kinotavr in 2015, as well as awards for best direction and cinematography at VGIK International Film Festival 2015. Sandu graduated with the short documentary "Holy God" (2016), which won awards at several national film festivals. It was selected by Leipzig DOK 2016, as well as IFFR 2017. "Eight Images from the Life of Nastya Sokolova" awarded Silver Eye Award 2018 for the Best Short Documentary (Institute of Documentary Film/Ji.hlava/2018). The premiere of the series "Identification", in which Sandu acted as a screenwriter, creative producer and director, took place in competition at the Series Mania Festival in France, and was also selected twice for the Berlin Film Market of the Berlin Film Festival (2020,2022). Documentary film about the regime in the Chechen Republic "No nation without culture" was awarded The "RheinMain Short Film Award" at the GoEast Film Festival (2023). After the invasion and the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine in March 2022, Sandu moved to Amsterdam and became an ART resident of the Netherlands.

WORKS IN THE THEATER 2023   THE RAINBOW CINEMA   author / director / actress 
(premiere - September 2023 at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival) 2019-2021  ORPHIC GAMES. PUNK MACRAME  "EURYDICE" (Jean Anouilh) (Stanislasky Electrotheatre / Moscow) director / actress 1 hour 20 min. / the role of Eurydice 
   FILMOGRAPHY 2022 "No nation without culture" / doc / 16 min. 2022 "Identification" / art. series / 8 episodes of 50 min. 2018 "Eight images from the life of Nastya Sokolova" experimental documentary  / 30 min. 2016 "Holy God" / doc / 30 min. 2015 Love of Tamerlane / doc / 31 min. 2015 "Kira" / fiction / 20 min. 
2014 "Katyusha" / experimental documentary  / 17 min. 2013 "Orlovs" / doc / 26 min. 2012 "Diyana" /  doc / 17 min. 2012 "Feeling of freedom" / doc  / 15 min.

text Vladlena Sandu and Lena Tronina play Ali Zijlstra and Vladlena Sandu translations Dasha van Amsterdam and Purni Morell artistic support Paulien Geerlings and Nina van Tongeren production support de Toneelmakerij