Julidans: Sepia & Nomads

Stav Struz Boutrous (IS)
Fri 7 Jul ’23 and Sat 8 Jul ’23
Folklore from the Caucasus region and Soviet Union translated into a personal, contemporary movement language.
Fri 7 Jul ’23
Sat 8 Jul ’23

Israeli Stav Struz Boutrous bridges the gap between contemporary dance and folklore. This must be done, she believes, because folkloric dance traditions are disappearing, and the knowledge and richness of movement of ancient cultures with them. The choreographer recalls these traditions by capturing them in a personal and contemporary dance language.


Stav Struz Boutrous draws on her rich folkloric Caucasian background for her work. In the solo Sepia, she focuses on Khorumi dance, a Georgian martial dance that shows the different stages of struggle: exploring, challenging, fighting, and overcoming. The dance depicts the life of a Georgian warrior in past centuries, the courage and fighting spirit of soldiers in a series of conflicts over maintaining one's identity. 

Traditionally, the Khorumi dance is performed by men only, but Struz Boutrous turns it into a female martial dance. Gender-specific movement qualities, which are strictly separated in folk dances, are linked together, resulting in an intimate and topical vision of struggle and warfare. 


In the duet Nomads, the choreographer tells a story in dance about nomadic life in the Caucasus. We see two women sharing the fate of a life of wandering in an abandoned space left by their loved ones. Not knowing, question of life and death and hope of return encompasses their everyday experience and does not relent on their spirits.

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About the maker

Stav Struz Boutrous (1990) danced with Ohad Naharin's Batsheva Dance Company. Besides creating her own choreographies, she teaches movement classes to children with autism at the Arab-Jewish Centre in Jaffa-Tel Aviv.


choreography, stage design Stav Struz Boutrous dancer creators Meshi Olinky, Stav Struz Boutrous artistic guidance Adi Boutrous lighting design Ofer Laufer soundtrack design and edit Adi Boutrous, Stav Struz Boutrous costumes Marina Golodriga, Stav Struz Boutrous


choreography, performance and stage design Stav Struz Boutrous artistic advice Adi Boutrous light design Amir Castro costumes Marina Golodriga, Stav Struz Boutrous soundtrack design and edit Adi Boutrous, Stav Struz Boutrous