Holland Festival: Prophétique (on est déjà né.es)

Nadia Beugré (CI)
Fri 16 Jun ’23 - Sun 18 Jun ’23
In a patriarchal society that pretends not to see them, the transgender community in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) navigates between genders with a fierce freedom.
Fri 16 Jun ’23
Sun 18 Jun ’23

Nadia Beugré based her new creation on the life and work of a transgender community that she met in Abidjan (Ivory Coast). In a patriarchal society that pretends not to see them, this creative group navigates between genders with a fierce freedom.

Hairdressers by day, dance floor divas by night. They live both out in the open and underground, flowing from one reality to the other and inventing their own dances which, mixing voguing and coupé décalé, really make the nights of Abidjan. Their stories and daily routines are Beugré’s source of inspiration for this piece. The cast is a mix of non-professional performers, local dancers and two performers from Europe.

Beugré has been exploring gender and identity in her work for a long time. She infuses her pieces with energy and vulnerability and likes to take the audience out of its comfort zone, for instance by adopting perspectives that defy expectations. She interrogates assignations and roles in the family, in society and in history. She is particularly interested in people who she calls ‘the stranded’: those from the margins of society who are rejected or ignored.

Beugré: ‘What interests me in 'Les folles’, as people call them, ignoring the power of madness, is precisely their audacity in thwarting the roles of a society that imposes these on each of its members, from childhood to death.’

Programma book

  • Dutch premier: Fri 16 June
  • Duration: 75 min
  • Language no problem
  • Sat 17 June: meet the artist Nadia Beugré 
  • Podiumpas not valid at Holland Festival

Sat 17 June: meet the artist

With Nadia Beugré, after the performance.

artistic direction Nadia Beugré scenography Jean-Christophe Lanquetin light design Anthony Merlaud production Libr'Arts/Virginie Dupray coproduction Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Montpellier Danse, Points Communs Cergy Pontoise, Centre Pompidou, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Holland Festival, ICI - Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier Occitanie, Culturescapes, Tanz im August, La place de la danse CDCN Toulouse Occitanie, théâtre Garonne - Scène européenne – Toulouse, Fonds Transfabrik – Fonds franco-allemand pour le spectacle vivant, Theater Freiburg performers Jhaya Caupenne, Acaua El Bandide Shereya, Canel, Taylor Dear, Beyonc, Kevin Kero with support by La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne, DRAC Occitanie – Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication