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soil sciences

Fri 6 Jan ’23 22:00
DJ set by interdisciplinary artist & curator Maria Muehombo, known as M I M I
Fri 6 Jan ’23
  • Fri 6 Jan ’23
    Frascati, Amsterdam
    Frascati 3
    Past event

M I M I 's sets are tailored assemblages, collages channeled by her Afro-European cultural heritage and connexion to nature. As she uses different mediums, she doesn't stick to any precise musical style either but instead explores and combines continuously making her DJ sets and productions an organic blend of multiple genres including field recordings.

She released her first song on Berlin based musical label "Nia Records". As she describes her work as an ongoing conversation with nature, she recently started writing on topics such as anthropocentrism and biomimetics, as she strongly belivies that our faiths are intertwined. Considering herself as ecocentric whilst looking towards forward-thinking movements.

Cosmic Bodies on Friday January 6

On January 6, we co-curated a complementary program with Cherish Menzo, starting from chapter 02- Glitch is Cosmic from Legacy Russel's book Glitch Feminism.

“Submerge into an evening where three artistic works travel at the intersections of Speculative and Science fiction, Spirituality, Ancestry, Afro-futures, Black Posthuman dreams, Sonic textures, and Natural Worlds. In-between, pasts, presents, and futures where cosmic bodies ‘’the inconceivably vast’’ are the matter that allow us to witness and experience the abstract.” - Cherish Menzo

19:30 - Movements of Soul by Christian Yav
20:30 - D̶A̶R̶K̶MATTER by Cherish Menzo with Camilo Mejía Cortés
22:15 - soil sciences by M I M I

Combi discount

Please enjoy the combi discount when you buy tickets for both performances on Friday January 6: D̶A̶R̶K̶MATTER and Movements of Soul. For the two performances together you pay EUR 25 instead of EUR 32. You can visit soil sciences for free afterwards. 

Click here to read more about Cosmic Bodies

  • DJ set - free entrance
  • part of Cosmic Bodies program on Friday January 6

About MIMI

M I M I is an interdisciplinary artist & curator based in Brussels. Born in Lusaka (Zambia), she arrived in Belgium at a very young age. She studied fines Arts at the Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts of Liège. Having family spread all over the globe, she began travelling and discovering other cultures and found her profound admiration for nature ,where she gets most of her inspiration from.

In 2016 Maria started curating events for non profit-organisations which led her to the music world and whilst continuing her curation, she began DJ-ing and producing. She has collaborated on international projects such as Dakar’s 2022 Biennale in Senegal, where she worked as a scenographer and sound artist for Black Rock, Kehinde Wiley’s exhibition at “Maison de la Culture Douta Seck”.

Other projects include "Basically” by choreographer Nikima Jugajev at KunstenFestival des Arts (2021). “RADIANTE” by Raùl Hott at Kunsthal Gent (Novembre 2022), and “On Proximity” by Maria Muehombo & Fareed Aziz as curators for Globe Aroma, commissioned by Brussels Gallery Weekend 2022. 

She's been very present in the Belgian nightlife which gave her the chance to have a few international gigs, including a guest mix for NTS Radio-London, Red Light Radio-Amsterdam, Dj set in Lausanne, Koln, Paris, Atlatic Music Expo - Cabo Verde , Boiler Room - Barcelona and most recently Nyege Nyege in Uganda. From clubs, raves to Art Galleries, M I M I's versatility will set the mood right in any setup.