I happen to be doing this for you is a video installation that presents sexuality as a place of sensing and feeling, shifting the focus away from the plasticized, male-centric gaze to an alternative pace of pleasure and intimacy.

Melyn Chow and Kim Zeevalk invite us onto a journey of pleasure and sensuality, with outspoken, arousing and intimate audio-visual material, alternating between disturbing and funny. They encourage us to feel our entire body; our feet, our sexual organs, our tongues, our hands. They ask us to let our gaze travel freely and shamelessly through the space. For whom are they performing? Who was behind the camera, and are we now allowed to watch uncensored? 

Inspired by the essay The uses of the Erotic: the erotic as power by Audre Lorde, the makers create a sensorial experience celebrating pleasure and sensuality. By bringing the private into the public, the installation creates an opportunity to experience the erotic as a collective sensation, with the hope of emancipating us from the daily discomforts and shame around desire and sexuality.

About the makers

Kim Zeevalk (she/her) graduated from Mime School at Amsterdam School of the Arts (2022). In her work as a mime performer and maker, she’s inspired by ‘pocket universes’ such as drag (Let's be real for a sec, 2018), internet culture (Happy songs 4 sad people, 2022) or hoarders (Fetishism, 2019). With multimedia, physical transformation, poetic and visual landscapes she creates surrealistic and tragicomical portraits of society. As a result we get a quirky mirror on human behavior. 

Melyn Chow (she/her) was born and raised in Singapore and works in the field of mime, physical theatre, contemporary dance and performance. She received her BA in mime at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (NL) and holds a diploma in dance at the LASALLE College of the Arts (SG). 

As a maker, Melyn works in the space between discomfort and desire. Her recent works VV (2022), Shaking shame (2022) and Intimacy currency (2020) all delve into the female gaze, sensuality, shame and eroticism as a source of power. To hold & to have (2020), a film made with her parents, and To have & to hold (2019), a solo in a wedding dress, are works where she observes marriage as a social construct. Melyn's works are characterized as intimate, physical, visual, visceral and provocative. Her research begins from the body in relation to movement, space and image.

concept & direction Melyn Chow, Kim Zeevalk cinematography Djoewe Walta, Kim Zeevalk, Melyn Chow performers Josefine Aavild Rahn, Rita Bifulco, Laura Boser, Melyn Chow, Jesse Debille, Sjaid Foncé, La Uyi, Charlotte Gillian, Merette van Hijfte, Luuk Weers, Kim Zeevalk, Pleuni Veen, Yujing Liu, Tom.s Boyaval, Reyer van Barneveld gaffer Kris van Melle, Djoewe Walta, Kim Zeevalk sound design Maoyi Qiu video mapping Bram Snijders intimacy coordinator Zarah Bracht special thanks to IDlab, Muziekgebouw, Carly Everaert

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