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A Masterpiece

Het Zuidelijk Toneel & Dennis Vanderbroeck
Wed 8 Mar ’23 - Fri 10 Mar ’23
Or at least a brave attempt
Wed 8 Mar ’23
Fri 10 Mar ’23

In the performance A Masterpiece, Dennis Vanderbroeck tries to make a masterpiece. Based on performances by his heroes, ranging from Yves Klein and Bruce Nauman to Tina Turner, Dennis attempts to find his genius through theirs.

The voice of his father, 61 years and with Alzheimer's disease, as his instruction manual. His father's process of progressive forgetfulness is like a race against the clock. A race to not being forgotten as a person.

Dennis and his father narrate the instructions and re-enactments of his heroes. A father who is trying to help his son by making his own masterpiece. A dialogue about art, memories and their disappearance. 'A Masterpiece' is an exercise in letting go, growing up an getting older. A performance that teaches us how art can save our life and vice versa.

"How personal can art be?" artistic leader Piet Menu about this performance.

About Dennis Vanderbroeck

With his Studio, Dennis Vanderbroeck works on an international scale on projects in various disciplines and contexts. A physical encounter in a physically designed space always forms the core of his work.

After his Bachelor of Performance at the Maastricht Institute of Performative Arts, he completed a Master's degree in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. At Bureau Betak, in his role of Senior Designer he has designed fashion shows including for Dior, Raf Simons and Jacquemus. Since starting up his own Studio, Vanderbroeck has desigend theatrical scenes for companies including the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam and Het Nationale Theater, fashion shows for David Laport and Y/Project, live sets developed for Yung Nnelg and Wende, designed exhibitions in TENT Rotterdam and Modemuseum Hasselt.

After his last performance that he developed especially for and played in Palais de Tokyo in Paris, A Masterpiece, or at least a brave attempt, is his first new performance in 5 years. Starting from masterpieces by his heroes, Vanderbroeck attempts to bring together all the elements in his universe, to make his own masterpiece.

About Het Zuidelijk Toneel

You get to know yourself at Het Zuidelijk Toneel. In the performances and projects, you meet the world, discover new insights and you are pleasantly surprised. We put on theatrical meetings that encourage the audience to look at the world from a different perspective. As a cartographer of its own time, Het Zuidelijk Toneel has developed into a unique company: engaged, innovative and always focused on the themes of the Other and Being Different.

As curator and initiator, Piet Menu is at the head. Together with co-artistic leader & director Sarah Moeremans and Ilrish Kensenhuis, head of education & public relations and in collaboration with the best theatre makers, we tell the stories the world needs to hear. In times when the world genuinely scrambles through inventiveness and creativity, Het Zuidelijk Toneel shows itself through performances and innovative projects. We offer new perspectives to those searching by adding a dose of creativity to reality. In 2022, the theme for Het Zuidelijk Toneel is 'Normal'.

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