Fringe: TOWER

Mara van Nes, Basak Layic en Sipan Sezgin Tekin
Thu 1 Sep ’22 - Mon 12 Sep ’22
An Interactive performance about unity and separation.
Thu 1 Sep ’22
Mon 12 Sep ’22

T O W E R - Is a collective attempt to be together. We invite you, our audience, onto our construction site. Here we construct and deconstruct the story of our separation. 

Many towers have been built. They give us an over-view of the earth’s surface but they also create a distance from the ground that we share.

Should we climb up? Down? 

Can we do both? 

With T O W E R we invite you into our research, at Theater Van Deyssel, on the outskirts of the city. 

A place in the midst of gentrification with buildings that will soon be deconstructed, making room for new towers to arise. 

During the proces of creating T O W E R we will be partnering with Theater Frascati as artist in residence at Theater Van Deyssel. Here we will create a ritual based on our interaction with the surrounding neighborhood. 


Basak Layic, Mara van Nes, and Sipan Sezgin Tekin will reside in Theater van Deyssel from 15 to 31 August to work on their performance T O W E R.

Running time: 60 min

Language: English 

Reserve: tickets are for sale via the button 'Fringe Festival'. Do you live near Theater van Deyssel? Then you can reserve for free by sending an email to

About the artists

We are Basak Layic, Mara van Nes, and Sipan Sezgin Tekin and we come together to work on this project. Mara (1993) is Dutch, born and raised in Amsterdam-West, Basak (1992) is Turkish, born and raised in Istanbul, and Sipan (1996) is Kurdish, born and raised in Diyarbakır (South-east of Turkey). The collaboration includes different perspectives since we all relate differently to the themes in our project. Our personal opinions will be part of the construct in which the story of ‘the second tower of Babel’ will be told.


performed an created by Sipan Sezgin Tekin, Basak Layic, Mara Van Nes concept Basak Layic & Mara van Nes dramaturgy Tomas Leijen final direction Sem Jonkers special thanks to Inge Koks, Farnoosh Farnia, Barbara Hanlo, Katja Hieminga 

This performance was powered by Theater Frascati, Stichting Amarte Fonds and Amsterdam Fringe Festival.