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Cinema a Luci Rosse

Dries Verhoeven en Sergio Rigoletto
Thu 22 Sep ’22 - Sat 1 Oct ’22
Parallel to The NarcoSexuals: film programme around the subversive gay film in contemporary sex cinema.
Thu 22 Sep ’22
Sat 1 Oct ’22

Parallel to The NarcoSexuals, Dries Verhoeven and Sergio Rigoletto are screening a film programme in Frascati 3 around the subversive gay film. In a collection of short films and clips, they investigate the unease that surrounds the representation of intimacy between men. 

The days of disruptive eroticism in clandestine cineamas are gone. These days, there seem to be two predominant ways of depicting male lust: explicit, in-your-face sex for porn-lovers; or the sanitised, romantic version, for well-intentioned heterosexual audiences. The extremity of the internet and the increasing prudishness of the public domain keep one another in balance. Verhoeven and Rigoletto dive into the history of film in search of something different: films that subtly fiddle with dominant morality or good taste. Films that challenge the aesthetics of desire or push social boundaries. Can we still see – as Pasolini put it – the political significance of a big cock on the big screen? 

  • When purchasing tickets for The NarcoSexuals, you can add tickets to Cinema a Luci Rosse for free. 
  • Open from 7:00-23.00 P.M. 
  • Entrance through the alley next to Frascati Café. 
  • Limited seating.
  • Film loops in approx. 85 mins.

by Dries Verhoeven and Sergio Rigoletto