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Theater van Deyssel

The mini theater in Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Frascati opened Theater van Deyssel in Amsterdam’s Lodewijk van Deysselstaat in October 2019. Since the autumn of 2019, Frascati has developed a weekly programme of exceptional in-house productions, small-scale programming and performance activities organised with and by the locals in this former retail premises converted into a mini-theatre. 

Frascati moved into the neighbourhood as this was undergoing renovation, with the central idea of carrying out theatrical research into this vulnerable area as it experiences change. Frascati has been operating this building itself since 2020, and productions developed here include the successful documentary theatre series Radio van Deyssel by director Hanna Timmers

Theater van Deyssel is the result of a long-term cooperation between the Rochdale housing corporation and Frascati, as part of Frascati's programme line “De (on)vertelde stad” (The (un)told city).  

Theater van Deyssel
Lodewijk van Deysselstraat 91

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Meer projecten in Theater van Deyssel

Gedurende de renovatie van het stadsdeel Geuzenveld-Slotermeer neemt Frascati intrek in de buurt. Centraal staat hierbij het theatrale onderzoek naar deze wijk in verandering. Sinds 2020 heeft Frascati het pand in beheer en ontwikkelde er o.a. de succesvolle documentaire-theaterserie Radio van Deyssel van regisseur Hanna Timmers en 99 Dromen van Naomi Steijger.

Locatie Theater van Deyssel

Theater van Deyssel
Lodewijk van Deysselstraat 91
1064 HM Amsterdam

Email: tvd@frascatitheater.nl