Gerben Vaillant


Gerben Vaillant is an interdisciplinairy performancemaker who has been working with Frascati's production house since autumn 2021. The Other Everything (2022) was his second research production made under the guidance of Frascati Producties. The third, A sense of an endingpremiered april, 2023. His most recent production at Frascati Producties, on almost every page, will premiere the 2nd of February 2024. 


Gerben Vaillant (1994) is an interdisciplinary performance artist. During his studies of mime (at AHK Amsterdam University of the Arts), he developed a fascination for making productions centred around the distance between man and reality: where people do not manage to be (part of) a whole. Sensitive and radical in equal measure, he works with a range of forms: text, dance, image, philosophy, trash – it’s always open-ended, frequently atmospheric, and sometimes confusing. He hopes eventually to contribute to a representation of reality in a way makes it suit us better.

Gerben often works with composer and sound-designer Timon Persoon. This intensive collaboration ensures that music and images drive one another to greater heights. Together, they create an almost cinematographic universe, which expands further with each production. They also link their individual productions and pieces of music.

Gerben presented his study Things when they're gone at Beginnings in 2021; in 2022 he expanded this into the Frascati production The Other Everything. His project with Frascati Productions titled, A sense of an ending, premiered April 2023. In February 2024, Gerben's newest project with Frascati Producties, on almost every page, will premiere. 

In de pers

"Een performance die fascineert tot en met de laatste scène." Theaterkrant over On almost every page

"On almost every page’ is alles wat je van theater hoopt, en dan nog een beetje meer" Het Parool

"Ik wil dat het publiek niks meer hoeft, gewoon kijkt en dingen voelt." Gerben Vaillant in NRC  over A sense of an ending

"Het einde van de wereld als gedeconstureerde rampenfilm." Theaterkrant over A sense of an ending