Photo: QiQi van Boheemen, art direction: What The Studio


LENZ / Frascati Producties
Wed 10 Jan ’24 - Sat 20 Jan ’24
“I’ve seen it. I know. I know it’s coming.” Een modern, audiovisueel spookverhaal over opgroeien in een afstervende wereld.
Wed 10 Jan ’24
Sat 20 Jan ’24

“I’ve seen it. I know. I know it’s coming.”


A teen sits alone in their bedroom. Their only connection to the outside world is the bottomless vortex of the internet, which drags the child back and forth between cat videos and catastrophic violence.  

At night, in the flickering light from a laptop screen, something in the bedroom seems to move: a shadow in the doorway, a laugh in the dark, a breath under the bed... until the torments gradually grow completely out of control, and the teen realises it’s time to answer a question that’s been suppressed for too long.

HAUNTOLOGY is a contemporary ghost story about the existential struggles of a generation growing up in a world that is being destroyed. How can you start out on your own life’s journey when humankind is on the brink of extinction?

Named after the final book by cult legend Mark Fisher, LENZ in cooperation with performer QiQi van Boheemen and drone-synth musician Tos Nieuwenhuizen have created an audiovisual portrait of a young individual in search of hope and connection in a dying world. 

  • Première: vr 12 jan 2024 20:00
  • za 13 jan deel van het We Are Public programma
  • Gesproken taal: Engels


  • Op di 16 en do 18 jan met boventiteling (Engels)
  • Op wo 17 jan met live audiodescriptie en meet & feel voor blinden en slechtzienden. 

About LENZ

LENZ is the interdisciplinary theatre cooperative made up of actor and writer Marit Hooijschuur (she/her), director and designer Erasmus Mackenna (they/them) and writer and dramaturge Roel Pronk (he/him). Drenched in idealistic hope, inspired by the underground and dedicated to the stories of outsiders in society, LENZ’s work operates at the intersections of theatre, live music, sociology and performance. In their work, LENZ give shape to alternative futures through radical empathy.

The company has been affiliated to Frascati Producties since 2021. The trio previously made Sheath and Knife (Schede en Mes, 2021) and LENZ (2022) with Frascati Producties. Powered by a strong sense of social urgency, LENZ presents small-scale human stories that expose the nihilistic impasse of our times. In spring 2024, Katie Cruel will be touring at theatres throughout the Netherlands.

concept & creation LENZ direction Marit Hooijschuur, Erasmus Mackenna and Roel Pronk performance QiQi van Boheemen and Tos Nieuwenhuizen composition & live music Tos Nieuwenhuizen scenography & costumes Kevin Pieterse lighting Erasmus Mackenna video Theodore Wilkins-Lang soudengineering Luc van Weelden