Dead Skin

Maria Magdalena Kozłowska / Frascati Producties
Thu 1 Dec ’22 - Sat 10 Dec ’22
An explosive mix of a climate performance and a surreal fashion show.
Thu 1 Dec ’22
Sat 10 Dec ’22

In our love affair with clothes, we all resemble Don Juan – the insatiable and merciless playboy. We want to own the latest fashion items, merge with them and show ourselves to the world clad in our newest acquisition. Yet, as soon as the season has passed, we put away the now old lovers to hunt for new conquests. Piles upon piles upon piles. 

On the pyre of her fashion addiction, Maria Magdalena Kozłowska, together with jazz musician Bjørk Delcroix Semey, dives deep into the loneliness of this dreamlike dumpster. In search of an erotic relationship, they serenade their clothing. Moving between a fashion victim’s suicide note and a requiem for consumerism, they approach fashion with an almost necrophiliac desire. 

The unexpected encounters between objects and performers result in funny and monstrous living sculptures. The musical score, full of echoes and loops, creates a psychedelic soundscape enriched by contemporary music. Appalling and obscene, yet weirdly appealing.

About the maker

In her work, director, singer, and performer Maria Magdalena Kozłowska (PL/NL) explores the connecting and revolutionary potential of the human voice. With classical singing, music, video, visual art, and live performance, she creates performances and interventions that bridge the gap between individual and society, tradition and transition, past, present, and future.

Maria has been associated with Frascati Producties since 2021 and her first production COMMUNE has premiered the same year. Dead Skin is her second performance at Frascati Producties.  

In the media

"Speaking with the artist in light of her upcoming work — we investigated the humour in fashion and the depth in which “things” can play a role in our lives." Glamcult in conversation with Maria Magdalena Kozłowska

"I get inspired by everyday sounds, like the sound of a leaking fridge." interview with Het Parool

"...overall intelligent commentary and tribute to the feminist movements in Poland." Movement Exposed about COMMUNE

concept & performance Maria Magdalena Kozłowska double bass & performance Bjørk Delcroix Semey costumes and scenography Jan Tomza-Osiecki tailor Mathild Clerc-Verhoeven light designer Pablo Fontdevila music Maria Magdalena Kozłowska and Bjørk Delcroix Semey technique Attila Nemeth final direction Renée Copraij photography Marcin Kaminski financial support Ammodo