Maria Magdalena Kozlowska (PL/NL) / Frascati Producties
a musical homage to protesting women.

Is opera political? Can it start a revolution? After all, voices are powerful tools, so shouldn't they be raised in the name of something?

COMMUNE is a gang of classical musicians coming together to celebrate feminine power through music. High-pitched voices and wind instruments become playful weapons against opportunism and binary oppositions. The ghost of a communist grandma appears to boost the enthusiasm: her virtuosic arias become a lesson in activism. The performers outline a joint action plan to face a hypothetical upcoming catastrophe.

COMMUNE is an eclectic, fast-paced, critical and ironic work that tackles urgent issues with humour, a musical tribute to protesting women. Inspired by the women's strike in Poland, Pussy Riot and hydro-feminism, it proposes new politics within the context of baroque and contemporary opera. Rosa Luxemburg meets Generation Z in a colourful and eccentric garden for a group therapy session where classical music becomes the shared language of dissent. COMMUNE speculates that real change starts with a shift in our collective subconsciousness. Opera to the people!

Premiere 11 november 2021

"...overall intelligent commentary and tribute to the feminist movements in Poland." Movement Exposed 

concept & regie Maria Magdalena Kozłowska performance Teresa Costa, Maria Magdalena Kozłowska, Beatrice Miniaci, Maayan Licht, Aleksandra Wtorek/Béatrice Picard music Teresa Costa, Maria Magdalena Kozłowska, Beatrice Miniaci costumes & set design Jan Tomza-Osiecki light design Julian Maiwald libretto Aldona Kopkiewicz, Maria Magdalena Kozłowska dramaturgy Aldona Kopkiewicz dramaturgical advice Tobias Kokkelmans production Frascati Producties