Fringe: Killing you Softly

Avantika Tibrewala
Sun 10 Sep ’23 - Thu 14 Sep ’23
A thrilling theatrical journey exploring the seductive grip of AI that's creeping in to replace humans.
Sun 10 Sep ’23
Thu 14 Sep ’23

Killing you softly is a bold comment on society today. A though-provoking physical theatre performance delving into a skeptical vision of the future. Integrating real-life interviews, it investigates the current shift towards artificial intelligence in daily human lives and what this growing shift holds for the future of the human race. 

Step into a mesmerizing multidisciplinary theatrical journey of Killing You Softly where the looming presence of artificial intelligence threatens humanity's very existence. Infusing real-life interviews, it investigates the current shift towards AI in daily human lives and what this growing shift holds for the future of the human race if we continue down this treacherous path. 

As the performer delves deep into her acute infatuation with her chatbot companion, she teeters on the edge of transcendence. Intensely struggling as she confronts the seductive allure of AI, exposing the danger it holds for human connection and empathy. 

Going beyond personal narratives, it unveils the plight of workers whose hands are being swiftly replaced by the efficiency of AI. An undeniable truth that we are willingly creating the tools that will render us obsolete. 

Killing You Softly boldly provokes and compels audience to question the choices we are making today for the world we leave behind.

About Avantika Tibrewala

Avantika Tibrewala is a performance artist and maker of the Indian origin. Starting November 2021 she began her journey as an independent artist in the city of Amsterdam. Beginning her career as a guest artist in residence with Plantage Doklaan for 6 months, Avantika found great acceptance for her art and herself in this city. In a small time Avantika grew her artistic network with renowned names in the field such as Frascati, Het Huis Utrecht and Worm Rotterdam. Growing up free and wild in an orthodox country and moving to Europe at a very early age, created a sense of individuality that is clearly visible in her work where she questions the existing social taboos and norms and allows her non conformist attitude to flourish with her art. Taking a multidisciplinary approach and integrating community research in her performances, Avantika's artistic practise lies in breaking the fourth wall that exists between the performer and the audience, thereby making art immersive. She strongly believes that the essence of live art lies in providing an experience to the viewer and making them a part of her projects. The starting point for her concepts emerge from human observations and their behavioural patterns and questioning why humans behave a certain way - Are these patterns the result of age old social conditioning, forced viewpoints, a choice or products of cultural differences ? Avantika's last project Trashed my Title that was in Fringe last year, garnered her noteworthy recognition and acclaim in the Netherlands art scene as a young maker, taking her work to theatres and festivals in both Utrecht and Amsterdam. She is also a performer in the popular production The goldfish Bleeding and is appreciated for her role as sheila the mother fighter.