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Wild Life FM

Pol Heyvaert / Kim Noble / Jakob Ampe / CAMPO (UK / BE)

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This show is not going to be what you expect. It’s not a play. It’s not a gig. It’s also both of those things.  

Eight young musicians from Amsterdam and London join performance artist Kim Noble (UK), director Pol Heyvaert (BE) and musician Jakob Ampe (BE) to create this new piece: an honest, raw exposition of what it’s like being young today. A live radio show on how to discover yourself through music.  

‘Inspiring, self-deprecating, heartfelt and very entertaining.’ ★★★★★ London Theatre 1
‘a punching satire on how society treats the next generation.’ ★★★★  Time Out
‘'...a jigsaw of hopes, dreams, experiences & insecurities. Just 9 young adults, playing around on stage with music, sound, video, exploring the limits of the stage. There’s something so encouraging – & so pure – in that..’ ★★★★ The Stage
‘…it’s messy and sloppy and sad and goofy and confused and funny. It’s teenage life.’ ★★★★ The Upcoming 

direction Pol Heyvaert concept Kim Noble, Pol Heyvaert and the cast musical direction Jakob Ampe direction assistant Emma Berentsen cast Ikrame Achekar Joëlle Grotendorst, Justin Campbell, Maj Wouterson, Malachi Alfred-Lecky, Megan Blair Simon Heerze, Tynet Adewole production CAMPO photography Hugo Glendinning, Bas de Brouwer