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Frascati Producties / ARIAH LESTER (Lester Arias) (VE / NL)

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ARIANE is the daughter that Nancy (a south american woman) never had. Nancy wrote a diary for ARIANE while she was inside her womb without knowing that she would be a boy. 28 years after the birth, Nancy crossed over the Atlantic to reveal the existence of the diary to her son.

ARIAH LESTER - Lester Arias, takes the words of his mother’s diary and creates songs out of them. A space of (in)betweenness: monstrosity / beauty, feminine / masculine, light / darkness, ARIANE / LESTER / ARIAH.

A piece about metamorphosis and shading, something more like a long poem; in between a concert and a a theatre piece, a one-man-show-opera and a burlesque act created in collaboration with light designer Katinka Marac.

Where’s my tongue? 

                      Creature of two worlds.

My tongue is in the book that was written 

before I was born.


So I entered the book and read

and I walked blind over the words of the past                                              

While I was blind

of my eyes but not of my heart. 


I followed, 

I followed the sound of the drumming


when I was almost arriving, 

                              I felt

the stones, that inside my throat

melt like water.


I entered the cave.

There were beings and shapes

also blind, also with closed eyes

and I touched them with my hands

and I gave them birth and name.


And ultimately, there was skin...

                                  ...lots of it.


and under the skin there was fat,

under the fat there were muscles,

under the muscles there were bones,

under the bones: space,

under that space: 


concept & performance ARIAH LESTER (Lester Arias) light design Katinka Marac shoulder piece design and creation Pepa Canel techniek Cesco van der Zwaag


Lester Arias (Ariah Lester) is a choreographer, musician, vocalist and filmmaker. He studied at the Escula de Artes Plasticas Cristobal Rojas in Caracas. In 2016, he graduated from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam. Arias is a charismatic performer who is able to merge concert and performance completely. In his clear counter-tenor, he guides his audience into a world where the definitions of reality and imagination are fluid and where one reality merges, almost unnoticeably, into another. Film, dance, storytelling, fashion, visual art and music follow one another so organically they combine to form an entirely new universe in which soft and hard, private and universal, tension and relaxation exist simultaneously. A performance by Lester Arias – aka Ariah Lester – simply has to be experienced.

In the spring of 2018, Ariah Lester (Lester Arias) created the production WHITE (ARIANE) as part of Frascati’s Fraslab test platform. This performance was an instant hit during the Something Raw international performance festival. Arias also received the Operadagen Award 2018. Frascati is opening its 2018-2019 season with the reworked version of WHITE (ARIANE).

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