Asian Celebration

Asian Celebration

Don't Hit Mama



Together with the performers, you ride along our colonial past, as if on a rollercoaster, from east to west, from Indonesia to the Netherlands and back again.

Asian Celebration is a dance performance about family baggage from an Asian colonial past. In a mix of music, dance, photography and spoken words, the seven performers, from young hip-hop dance talents to experienced dancers, dance a world of shared pasts, desire and shared pain.

As a base, you’ll see the family stories of three of the dancers who are connected with each other and with Asia. Let yourself be swung back and forth between reason and emotion, facts and hidden stories, and their impacts on today's world.

concept and artistic direction Nita Liem en Bart Deuss performers Nita Liem, Sonja Bloem, Rajiv Bhagwanbali, Delphine ‘DeyDey’ Nguyen, Bart Deuss en drie samenscholers danceconstruction Andrey ‘Drosha’ Grekhov in collaboration with all dancers fotography Family Portraits Michiel Voet  Gable Roelofsen, Romy Roelofsen