Lina Issa / Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti / Ira Brand / Collectief POLY POLY




Trip TO HEAL is a collective, sensory and experience-based trip. A route through experiences with two-hour theatrical interventions through the spaces in Frascati. This route takes small audience parties along groups of four or five artists who will show a wide range of work in short etudes. Work that questions and stimulates our senses and allows us to experience, to feel and to heal. Trip TO HEAL is a form of transition: what do we leave behind at the beginning and what do we take away at the end?

One of the works included in Trip TO HEAL is Marked Bodies by multidisciplinary artist Lina Issa, in which she probes the restorative power of ritual for the healing of trauma and scars. Specially for Trip TO HEAL, Frascati maker Marijn Graven is developing a wondrous, astonishing experience connecting ecstatic dancing, theatre and spirituality. In Ways to Submit (An Invitation A Fight), artist Ira Brand (UK) issues an exciting invitation to us to a one-on-one contest with her. Missa Homo Sacar by Timo Tembuyser is like an enchanting, ritualised mass; an unexpected odyssey in search of unity, connection, deliverance and – who knows – even ecstasy? The hypnotic, living sculptures in Iris Woutera de Jong’s Deform not only rouse our senses, but at the same time enquire into the audience’s experience. Inspired by Shamanism, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti presents a ceremonial sound-healing performance in We must risk the light.

On Fri 10 May, at 23h30-01h30 there will be a special Nighttrip TO HEAL.