Trigger of Happiness

Trigger of Happiness

Ana Borralho en João Galante (PT)

Dutch spoken


Just imagine: A table. In the middle, a revolver. Seated around it, 12 participants.

The pistol decides who gets to speak. About what? About all those things that normally only get spoken about out loud when there’s no one around: love; sex; drugs; fear; the future; their families. This crackling, fizzing, out of the ordinary, brutally honest Portuguese festival hit is now rapidly conquering the rest of Europe.

In Trigger of Happiness, at each performance location directors Ana Borralho and João Galante invite a group of local youngsters to take part in a disarming game of Russian Roulette. Moderated by the revolver, this time a group of young Amsterdammers (aged 18 to 23) will answer a series of unexpected questions. Based on their specific replies, the theatre-makers will map out a universal, existential search: how do we find happiness? What triggers contentment? And, above all, how can we be happy in an unhappy society?

concept Ana Borralho & João Galante met Rubin Ajlouni, Yaqien Bouker, Nancy Boutros, Marly Brouwer, Charlotte Velsen, Alex Correia, Caesár van Daal, Azra Golbach, Alisa Lavrenchenko, Maaike van Maltha, Nzinga Nortan, Jesse Zijlstra light design Thomas Walgrave sound Coolgate & Perdo Augusto dramaturg Fernando J. Ribeiro production manager Mónica Samões - production & tour Andrea Sozzi executive production Joana Duarte production casaBranca co-production Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Jonk - ny internationell scenkonst för unga, Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil – Centre Dramatique National, Le phénix scène nationale Valenciennes pôle européen de création & Le Boulon Centre National des Arts de la Rue de Vieux Condé with the support of Câmara Municipal de Lagos, Espaço Alkantara, LAC - Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, SIN Arts and Culture Centre & Companhia Olga Roriz