wed 14 april


DIVEinD / Dario Tortorelli (IT)

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Combining spatial design, soundscapes and the language of movement, this immersive event is presented to you by choreographer Dario Tortorelli in collaboration with visual artist Rosalie Wammes and musician Thierry Castel.

Visitors are welcome to become part of a transformed theatre space - a semi-natural garden.
Together, we embrace the coexistence of beauty and impermanence. The air becomes permeated with sounds. A sequence of movements inspired by folklore and rituals then comes into play, stimulating a unity between the space and all of us.

concept and choreography Dario Tortorelli set design  Rosalie Wammes live sound Thierry Castel light design Remko van Wely, dramaturgy and choreography assistance Judit Ruiz Onandi costume design and production Chiara Amaltea Ciarelli technical support Maarten van Dorp understudy Nicole van den Berg.

60 minuten
Tickets online €1 goedkoper